1. It's slightly smaller than my asthma inhaler.

  2. I got the baldr mini. I like it..mine came with just an olight logo rubber patch AND a free 13T or something pen light if I ordered in Tan color. Both work great, just finding a holster that does olight is hard without custom molding.

  3. So that's the only difference than the unipro. The metal material and usb-C insteaf of microusb? I already can do 1.8v with preheat hits for 10 sec real slow. My 2c.

  4. Ok? This is literally the upgrade people wanted with the original Uni Pro. Better construction, USB-C charging, and goes lower than 2.0v. The original Uni Pro preheats at 2.0v

  5. I'm perfectly fine with the OG unipro. When it does, going 2 years now, I'll look into the newer one just. I heard rumors of a metal version coming. This must be it

  6. I was hitting them while I was having trouble breathing which was dumb I guess but it made everything more tolerable 😭

  7. My asthma is actually HELPED when I'm having an asthma attack where the inhaler and nebulizer arent working, a few good tokes got me breathing better. I've told drs this for years. My thinking is when the smoke expands in your lungs and you hold it, fighting coughing, helps OPEN up the inflamed walls of your bronchial tubes giving more air. Seems like it'd be countered being smoking to help breathing but it does work when my meds fail.

  8. RSO and lots of sleep. Which rso should help with depending on how much you eat. I'd split 1g over 1 week. 100mg each dose would be 10 days so maybe 150mg give or take would use the 1g syringe in 6 days with little left over. Potent indica rso is what you need. Black. Rso. Get well man.

  9. Being a Sativa? No, in my 4 years of use I've only been reading from Rick Simpson himself that 100% potent Indica is what you need. This is from a medicinal standpoint only. Not to get high, like for me I use it for Chronic Pancreatitis I have.

  10. Lol technically it’s not a Yocan Uni Pro, it’s a Wulf Uni Pro so it’s not original. Atleast that’s how I interpreted his statement

  11. I've been told that the Wulf ones seem to be lesser quality, but it looks just like a unipro that's been skinned. You'd think yocan would make the cool patterns themselves. I do know 2.0 you best draw slow as eventually oil will come out mouthpiece if constantly hitting on very low. I know from experience. Used to do just the 2 click pre-heat mode hit. Think it's only 1.8v, still do as 1st taste of new cart. Idk how hot heat wise 1.8v would be over 2.0?

  12. I've a 226 but it's just a regular Nitron(sp.?) Sights dont glow..its 357sig. Might look into a 9mm barrel as 357sig is hard for me to find at a good price. I'd think the Legion but the mk25 more rust proofed, correct? I dont plan on letting my sig EVER rust.

  13. Yeah, I had an issue at HOD in Detroit where they sold shady product and gave me a 1x store credit on what I haven't used. They said once it leaves the dispo, it's out of their hands as far as what are you returning, did the item get swapped for something else, or they'll say its tampered with. Depends on packaging I would say. If sold in sealed (with plastic,hologram taped shut etc) that it shouldn't matter. Swap for something else. Its Ohio bro. MMJ systems fd bad. Hope a lot of change happens soon to maybe use Michigans model. Sure better than ours. Really. Worth a trip. They accept ohioans

  14. It's done. Had EXACT same part break off one in my magnetic adapter for my uni pro. That was an issue for a good min trying to unscrew that part out. I DID NOTICE, before I just poured oil into another cart, there was 1 wire coming outta cartridge that broke. If you hold wire just so, touching the metal on piece broken, you CAN get her to still vape. Not worth the hassle or mess for 25$ cart. My 2c.

  15. Use this. Best pic mount, BadAceTactical. Their product replaces rear sight which allows the use of stripper clips with a red dot or scope.

  16. Sounds like buttons are sticking. I know pressing up and down at same time swaps orientation of display. As stated above, battery will last awhile. Hopefully you get back on track. Maybe warranty youcan for claim/return?

  17. Listen to the post from Don of Focus V, he can and will steer you in right direction. Was straightforward with me and resolved my issue via video chat. Hope you get sorted.

  18. Seems like a fun item. The value of a thing can be personal. I've a little bit of concrete supposedly from the Berlin Wall and an East German flag around here somewhere that a friend got me when she was an exchange student over there in '89. They always remind me of the relief and hope I had at the time.

  19. Hey, I've a piece of Berlin wall as well. Childhood friends Dad chiseled it off that week it was coming down. He said that the police didnt care. Mines prob about only a 3 inch square chunk. Kinda neat has the spray paint on it and all. Smelled like mint. Might've been from how he smuggled it back to the USA, Hawaii.

  20. Yes. I would like to try and sell them, but I have to figure out what they are worth etc.. only a few I'm interested in keeping, the Sadaam Hussein one, Chevy Blazer, and the Ganja hooded t-shirt are the 3 I'm trying to keep, never know though. Everyone has a "dont wanna sell it price". I'd trade for items maybe, knives, holsters etc.

  21. I see the bmw shirt going for 100$. Whoa. Mine may be from 70s?

  22. Where do you buy Mitten greens? I definitely wanna try them out.

  23. You'll have to do some searching over on the michigents discord, as idt they are in dispos. Either will be cart with green tip (the usual) or white tips lately as supply issues. Both are glass carts branded with Mitten Greens on them and they're refillable. I've only seen them in 1g size, no 0.5g as far as I know. And they have my trust as far as being clean and potent. And they do post test results on the discord.

  24. Aw that’s a dope BMW ringer you got there, think you would sell it?

  25. What offer would you make? Curious. It's really clean.

  26. The Evanescence and KoRn ones are my kids. Most of the vintage 80s shirts I have are all about Tractor Pulls from Zanesville and Muskingum county. Most late 80s to mid 90s. A Dale Sr and Bobby Allison IROC champ shirt. 1 I really like is a Sadaam Hussein Public Enemy. I posted a pic a while back of it.

  27. Amazing. Been to a few tractor pull events in BG! Just checked out the saddam tee. WOW. What would it take to part with that and the ganja garment? That one is a beauty!

  28. I posted alot of the tshirts if ya wanna look.

  29. Get PLUS. Think its 42$ at cdkeys for digital 1yr code. I play multiplayer, so I need it. AND I enjoy some of the free monthly games. Dirt 5 being one for this month w ps5 enhancement, ray tracing etc.

  30. I got a Yugo with the bayonet and the grenade launcher muzzle attachment. Got it for under 200 some years ago and thought that was expensive but still cheap given the prices rising at the time.

  31. Speaking of prices rising, Does it seem to be leveling out for your state or Lgs? Or, does different "newer?"brands at cheaper prices make it seem like its going down. Like the sub 200$ shitadel, Citadel, my bad, shotgun? Cheap, looks ok. Can't get thru 1 box without failures or so I've watched garands vid where he had all sorts of problems.

  32. Doing math in my head I come to roughly 6% chance. I'm probably 100% wrong but it was a thought out "guess". It went something like 4 ppl, 7 days a week. 7 x 4 =28. 28. Flip to 82 (because) 8 - 2 =6. So 6% or so. You're welcome.

  33. Seems interesting and my monkey brain likes new things, but I’m willing to bet this’ll go the way of 327 and be hyper niche. If it’s trying to compete with 380 it might stance a chance since that’s hard to get / expensive. If It’s trying to fill the role of a 9mm with a lightly more capacity I don’t know if it’ll take hold

  34. Like a 357 sig? Or am I way off here comparing the two rounds? Think 357 sig is a 9mm bullet into a 45 case and necked down to fit? Maybe im waaay off base. I do like my p226 though. Love something new.

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