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  1. Picking food out of your teeth I would think is #1 use for Toothpick. Or on a serving tray with cheese cubes.

  2. You got the rigs (combos) for a good price. I think about getting another harness. It would sure keep things more simple. The Mag pouches (9 & 45) are easy to deal with, having the adjustable retention.

  3. Only thing I wish it had are the tie-downs to help keep it tight or snug to body more. I'm probably going to go to iwb but I'm needing holster and I don't want a drawer full I don't use. I'll rock the shoulder holster once weather cools and people wearing jackets.

  4. Your harnesses don't have the added belt straps? IIRC the Jackass does not. I bought additional belt straps for mine. For colder weather, yes, I like the harness rigs a lot more than anything else. Easier access. I have a box with several holsters I don't care for. Nature of the game.

  5. No, they both don't have the belt tie downs. I'm unsure if they did have them for the holsters I have or maybe not. They do have a cutout where they would go on holster/mag carrier.

  6. I hope he would.. he's weird. Might have pissed him off.

  7. Yeah I don't recommend Tool videos while on acid. Or do if you want your entire mood to feel like being in a horror movie.

  8. Haven't done acid since I was in my 20s. Lol. Can't find it, and if I did, idk if I'd trust it not getting laced stuff with fentanyl BS. I do have half oz of mushrooms though. Hmmm. Any tool video is weird AF. I like them. Seen tool live 1x. Seen puscifer and a Perfect Circle 1x as well. Maynard was wearing a Riot Helmet and i think a bulletproof vest to complete the look. He stayed in the left corner all of the set. Not 1x coming out. In Perfect Circle he stayed behind a sheet that you could only see his shadow lit up on it. I know the lights and shit give him seizures, so nice he performs, sorta. Tool rocks! Legends! I'm glad I got to see live. Doubtful I will again as I never really notice them touring even with new album. At least not to Ohio. Told my kid who went that we're lucky to see em, once in a lifetime type band.

  9. I'm unsure. I just use basic ps+. I would THINK? it'd be on plus+ extra or whatever it's called.

  10. I ask as I have an e-nail with 25mm ti bucket and 25mm quartz banger, like what you are using but with coils around bottome from e-nail. Ive bought 2 of the 3 carb caps I own for E-nail. Stock katana sword carb, no spin. A spinner disk/coin (unsure what they're called) that sorta can get them to spin, but not always. And a bubble directional that also doesn't work. I'm using 2 pearls. Both size of a BB, 2mm? And I have 2 larger pearls kinda like yours you're using. No spin on those. I gave up buying carbs.

  11. White people can attend Grambling, any race can. I'm pretty sure it's always been like that. Hell, it's named after a white family. Don't be upset at the fact that white people choose not to go there.

  12. Oh, I know any ethnicity can go there. But, it's labeled as a black college.

  13. No, it'd labeled Historically Black.. because it was established before the Civil Rights Act for the black community. Stop getting offended by words, that's not how we roll.

  14. I'm not offended by words. I'm just stating there are black colleges, that is all. I'm not going in depth over it. I don't want to look up all the sh#t, better stuff to do.

  15. You look like Kanye, anyone tell you that?

  16. I thought the same. Like a horse starts walking as soon as born. Well maybe by an hour after falling 10x

  17. Take them. ALL of them. Have someone help take them. Will be more valuable than Gold if shtf

  18. Yeah I'm trying to move this summer. It's going to get a lot worse here before it gets better.

  19. Probably this winter I'd imagine. Riots and stuff.

  20. Lol op is too stoned to navigate the child proof cap xD maybe try again in 2-6 hours. Seriously though should be push in and twist sometimes right is loose on these things instead of left

  21. Ffs. Smh. Wow. Can't figure out our? Just cut it out. If in glass, lightly bust it out. Simple man.

  22. Thank you. I'm not looking to pay a bunch for a sheath. Much smaller than a Toothpick? Damn. I thought the Toothpick was small. You collect Case?

  23. In MY Case collections my favorite piece is a Texas Toothpick. I like how it's small as heck. Sharp too. Do they make a sheath for the Toothpick? Ive about 10 or so Case knives, like the Toothpick best. Some are pretty nice limited 2500 or 2000 pieces and others are just new in box, like the Texas Toothpick or a 104yr Anniversary of a hardware store Mako Case knife. I'm thinking of taking them to the next gun/knife show to trade or sell. I want to get a spyderco, a benchmade, and a nice OTF like microtech (is that correct term?)

  24. Try it one day. It works. I'm so used to cereal 1st, that I don't do this. I forget. I'm always adding more cereal to the milk at the end instead of drinking it.

  25. Dude, just shoot the rounds that your gun is designed for. Don’t go fucking around trying to shoot 9mm in a .357 sig for…. Reasons?

  26. It was like that in one of the mags it came with. Im not shooting 9mm out of a 357 Sig. Lol. Just wondering what's would happen if 357 Sig is a necked down 9mm.. was just curious. I've since posted it on here, maybe, the magazine trying to Id it. Think it's for a S&W. It's for sale/trade

  27. .357 sig is a 10mm auto necked down to 9mm(.355). If you tried to fire 9mm out of a .357 sig is would likely blow the case out and potentially give you a stuck casing but wouldn’t be catastrophic. Definitely wouldn’t cycle or feed.

  28. Nothing I'm going to try. Thank God the mag didn't fit or I might not have cought it. Half of the mags were already loaded. If it did fit. Well, I could tell you what happens probably. Lol.

  29. Is this a sign the ps5 has an issue, or the controller? I have slight controller drift on my right stick, not bad, but came 6 months after purchased Black Friday year it came out. Sucks controllers are close to 80$

  30. I don't think it is either. I believe its the game because I have never had a problem in any other game or application. There is probably some sort of ram issue that causes the game to run incorrectly and reseting the playstation resets the ram.

  31. I have d3athloop and never had an issue. Though I've not even got past 1st level as haven't played much. Grabbed it because it was 19.99 new at Walmart black Friday week. I like it. Returnal is better imo.

  32. The laser is emitted from the bottom of the lens instead of the top, so a change in distance makes a BIG difference between where the laser is and the red dot on top of the pistol. The laser emitter is about 2 in below the barrel and the red dot is about an inch above, just going from roughly 2 yards to about 10 (looking from my bedroom door to the kitchen wall puts the laser from the red dot to almost off the emitter entirely.

  33. You can adjust the laser on flashlight, I believe

  34. You can (I have it out now) but its pretty much distance specific, if you take a shot too far or too close from where you 0 it, your shot can be off by a lot.

  35. I've never knew that. I don't have a Romeo sight. Just non glowing irons :/. I need to glow in dark nail polish a few dots on the white of the irons.

  36. How is the Trex Arms holster? Good or not so much so?

  37. I was assuming with 2.0 it’s too low and I wouldn’t get as much from it since it’s less power. Am I wrong on that?

  38. If the oils viscosity it better flowing makes for lower voltage to melt and vaporize. Thick oils need higher v to produce good melt to vaporize. My 2c/understanding.

  39. Best voltage for ALL carts is whatever is the lowest it can go and still produce good clouds. Try 2.2-2.3v. I stick around there except for pre-heat hits that are 10 seconds @ 1.8v.

  40. Do not let him back with you. If he already has a new someone, that leads me to believe he was looking around BEFORE you guys split up. 3 years may seem long, but try 15 years to be cheated on. Left me because "I work too much". Like wtfh? Win if you do, Win if you don't. My 2c.

  41. Did it smoke ok? If so, you did good. Practice more. It's more folding the first few "rolls" than actually rolling. After I fold it, once maybe 2x, get that paper to tuck in and twist her up. Simple.

  42. In Hawaii they're called "Swako's". The glass bubble with hole in top. For smoking meth, or Batu as it's called on the islands. Melt and take flame off. Get that melt moving! You "rock the pipe" moving the liquid side to side causing major vapor cloud. But I'm done with that poison since about 1995. I just smoke only now. No alcohol either for 3+ years.

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