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That's a little funny

  1. Dude I'm telling you to open your mind, see the broader picture. And you're like "NAH, I only want to look at it from this angle".

  2. Why do you think I'm not aware that unicorn means something else in different context

  3. Not a bunch of Reddit losers, amazing how many of you this struck a chord with.

  4. Yup, this dude taught me how not to act as much as he taught me how. I use his arm gestures all the time now, added "let me ask you a question" to my vocab

  5. Wtf is body autonomy? Military draft

  6. There's 8 billion of us and we burn food for the economy, we don't need to double food production

  7. Not a curate results my friend, you're not accounting for how most people don't have a garage

  8. You're the reason conspiracy theories and theorists have such a bad name

  9. Sounds like you're getting a black eye from the get go

  10. Well I can’t be 100% sure that’s what he played but that’s what says on his Wikipedia page, and that part was taken from an interview with him so if it isn’t true then I guess Lombardo just lied to us all.

  11. I’m downvoting your comments cause they’re poor, unstructured arguments that obviously lack backing evidence. It’s always either assumptions or making fun of people due to a lack of arguments. You say I’m not a musician yet I’ve been a drummer for over a year now, I know how it is to practice all the time to get good to eventually hope to become famous. Even with all that information my arguments still stand. Meanwhile I’ve been able to completely undo most of your arguments yo find that they’re only meaningless words that strive to a goal they will never be able yo achieve. This argument was lost for you a long time ago.

  12. Over a year now. Try 20 years kid

  13. Yes, and they stopped because of the ethical issues with mining it

  14. You clearly know nothing about batteries

  15. Yeah, crappy versions of everything but seafood

  16. Luckily I played Valhalla first, but GoT ruined Origins for me. Moving feelings like I'm in pac man comparatively

  17. My friend did it while we were just out doing stuff without me asking, she would just send me a folder afterwards called "(my name's) tinder pics"

  18. You see the symmetry between what you said and what I said?

  19. No, what you said was total bullshit. The government licensing land has nothing to do with capitalism and it certainly isn't a founding basis of it

  20. You think capitalism would exist without government land licensing? No that's warlordism and it's been tried.

  21. Don't strawman me, that might work on your dumbass friends but not me.

  22. You've never made a meme like this have you

  23. what are you talking about OG wsb meme quality ? like 2 years ago lol ? go away.

  24. Hahaha you clearly don't know anything about OG wsb. Just remember, you did this to yourself

  25. This woman died many years ago. She did give up something and let herself die but it wasn't from COVID.

  26. This is different depending on location. Call around

  27. Thought the first one was two different pictures stacked on top of each other, beautiful photos

  28. Guarantee it's because he's a commissioner and not because he's asian

  29. You massively over estimate how self aware people are.

  30. I got one J&J dose and one nose swab, never had covid

  31. Are you joking? Why did you choose one side. Social media is full of gullible people who think they are morally superior. On the whole political spectrum, stop making everything political

  32. I never chose a side. I also have observed this on the “right” but to a lesser extent. This is a observation about what I see happening in politics. So, I don’t understand what you mean by saying “Stop making everything political”? When this is a political post

  33. Being morally superior and gullible on social media has nothing to do with politics, you're making it about politics

  34. This is so bad, party like Angela?

  35. Yes, all of us. We say we're looking for something casual because saying we're looking for a relationship is way too much commitment when y'all take 6 years to show us your whole personality.

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