1. There is a Information Point which sells some small Olympic park branded items near the path between the Westfield shopping centre and the stadium (look for this weird wood structure).

  2. Seems they took down the link.

  3. The latest YouGov polling shows 51% support for ULEZ.

  4. There will be a protest on the Saturday at 10:00.

  5. You are going to receive a penalty fare/ max fare on one of them when the system reconciles at the end of the day.

  6. thank you, appreciate the answer! apologies to the wider community I didn’t check past posts

  7. Worth contacting TfL if this does happen by checking your oyster account and registering.

  8. Drop probably on the really high end only (luxury flats). The rest will still go up but at a slower rate than previously.

  9. HS2 will outlast this government, it will be built, the contracts are already there and works is already underway.

  10. So they cut the number of platforms at Euston to speed up the building time (at the cost of operational resilience) but now say that they may cut it entirely because it is taking too long when they are the ones that scrapped the plan for it meaning it had to be redesigned at extra cost to be completed faster. If time is no longer an issue that was a waste of time and money.

  11. 4G was added on that section last month. It is being rolled out to the rest of the network.

  12. Just ditch the screen, fine with everything else but why would your concert arena be reliant on it for getting through planning.

  13. Did you use the wide gate? They are sometimes two way which means someone on the other side might have touched on their side and opened the gate.

  14. The instinct to run off to Ukraine every time he comes under scrutiny is impressive. Even when he is no longer PM.

  15. This Zahawi story doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. Additionally, the supposedly corruption with Johnson’s loan facility and the ex-BBC chair seems to have been revealed on ITV but not the BBC this evening.

  16. Feels like BBC News are always 3-4 days behind reporting anything political these days.

  17. For my understanding why is saying you are not a beneficiary of a company when you are a beneficiary not fraud? Is it that they have to prove he knowingly made this mistake (but isn't this the case for all fraud?) and I thought it would be simple to prove this if they wanted (using the loans he subsequently received).

  18. Heart of Gaming in Croydon is good through focused on arcade games.

  19. Less of a satellite launch and more of a plane taking off. The launch won’t be visible from the U.K.

  20. You should be able to see it from nearly anywhere in Ireland and much of England and Wales if you get a to a high enough elevation:

  21. Very unlikely we'll ever see a rocket launch directly from UK soil given how far away we are from the equator.

  22. There are planned launches from the mainland UK this year from Scotland for polar orbits.

  23. I miss this so much. I really hope im in London for Christmas next year and get to see these in person 🤞

  24. If you are remember to buy a ticket, lots of people turned up and had to be turned away.

  25. The Mayor of London doesn't pay for the NHS.

  26. I don't think this applies to IMAX but Vue have 3/D glasses that clip to the front of your glasses that are good.

  27. Eh, the devices outside of the plastic housing weren't all that similar. They likely were just using the same oem for spec-built cameras and the case tooling got reused because it's one of the more expensive processes for limited run products.

  28. I don't think this is correct given you can flash the same firmware between the Xiaomi and Wyze cameras, the hardware is the same.

  29. What are these automations? Does anyone know the details, I see this everywhere.

  30. They want to become app based like Hermes and Amazon hiring on gig economy basis.

  31. Probably commenting on the price

  32. I think they're commenting on the price

  33. Would it be too harsh to suggest that this should make someone ineligible to stand as an MP until the conditions of his bankruptcy have been met.

  34. This used to be the case for all bankruptcy but I believe they have changed the rules to only disqualify you if you get a certain type of bankruptcy.

  35. How many months did it take them to make their first offer and it is laughably bad.

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