1. Fellow bird lover here. Id recomend dropping the power spot and going with another droplet, drnm or duster. One droplet and 2 twin twister doesnt feel like enough. I would also say kaijus should be somewhere in the main or side due to how good they are in conjunctiom with shinobirds.

  2. I kind of like power spot though, since it helps me regain resources for a second push if the first isn't enough. Though I suppose it is a bit slow and is reliant on me being able to make a first push at all, soo maybe it is better to drop it... The atk boost is also nice since it makes it pretty difficult to even attack over amano in the first place.

  3. If I can find a second droplet before the tournament I'll definitely consider it, but I don't think I can afford to order one right now. I'll go with duster I think.

  4. Just from the look of it, the deck seems pretty inconsistent. Combining that many going first and going second cards in your main deck, in addition to using already bricky rituals won't get you too far. Imagine drawing 2 kaijus, a ritual spell and something like Amano and ash on your starting hand going first. You wouldn't be able to do anything, but pass.

  5. Never actually played any of the other vanguard games (mostly because they don't seem to be in English and unfortunately I can't read Japanese) so assuming this gets an English release, I'm definitely gonna check it out.

  6. Ik what you mean. I mean I luv the G series cards bc I’m a long time fan but I just hate the rules in zero and how different it is from the actual game. What sucks even more is that I can’t play in real life bc there’s no card shops where I live and Bushiroad barely has any good vanguard games. Not exactly a fan of Overdress but since it’s on switch giving it a shot.

  7. Yeah, I don't really have a group locally to play with. I've got a mix of old and new cards when I first started getting into the game, but unfortunately none of my friends really seemed interested in it. So any way I can actually play the game is nice, lol.

  8. Note: If you are 100% sure you want to take legal action, I 1000% support that! I'm just kinda going into what I did. I hope that's ok.

  9. Part of my issue is that nobody else really knows what they did. What she could be doing still. I feel like if I don't get that on record, if it's not proven in a court of law or something like that, it's just gonna be my word against theirs, and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to move on otherwise...

  10. Which ancient gear did you have on the field? It could be that it wasn't a valid fusion material if you only had exactly four ancient gear monsters between your field and grave. For example, howitzer is unaffected by card effects, so even though it's an ancient gear monster, you wouldn't be able to use it as fusion material with overload fusion because it fuses by card effect.

  11. I had Wyvern on the field, Gearframe, Reactordragon, Dog and box in the grave.

  12. The only other thing I can think of then is either you had used something that restricted what you can special summon that turn, or your opponent had used something like artifact lancea to stop banishing, dimensional barrier to stop fusion summons, imperial order to negate spells, or even something like necrovalley to prevent you from moving stuff out of the grave in general.

  13. I believe you'd communicate your needs with the head judge before the event started, and they should be able to clarify things and give the go ahead for anything that might otherwise seem against normal rules like using your phone.

  14. Thank you! This was an excellent idea, as I had not yet realised the solution of pre-prepared cards with generic phrases. I've already reached out to the organiser via email, and I may ultimately be able to use my phone to communicate, but even so the use of little 'voice cards' could streamline the process of duelling in general so that will no doubt be useful to me regardless of the outcome of the event's ruling.

  15. I'm glad I could be of help! I hope the tournament goes well for you, have fun!

  16. My brain read that as "Reggie shark" and now I need a shark version of Reggie...

  17. As I said, I can't afford it at the moment, and nobody at my locals has any they're willing to part with. It's on my list of things to get, I just can't get it right now.

  18. All I could think of is "here comes the boy~ hello boy~"

  19. I feel like I shift between feeling super old and super young. I've never really felt "my age" if that makes sense...

  20. I relate to this a lot. Me and my sister nearly killed each other fighting over the only available food even if part of it was moldy or inedible. The rest of my family went out to eat for almost every meal while we were at home starving. It hurts to think about.

  21. I remember doing shit like trying to drink several month old diet soda that I couldn't tell if it was open or not (it probably was, tasted absolutely vile even by diet standards), I'd constantly sneak in their room to steal food, shit like that.

  22. I bet it’s nice to be financially independent! I’m almost there. Sorry we all had to go through this crappy starvation.

  23. Definitely. I just need to find a permanent living situation soon. Not sure how long the assistance I'm getting will last... But I've got a few things going at least, it's really just a matter of waiting unfortunately...

  24. Yeah, cards only ever do what they say they do in their effect text. Sounds like your friend needs to watch less of the anime and read the rulebook a bit more.

  25. What flavor would pan be? Pan pineapple? Pan punch? Mmm... Not really a fan of either flavor tbh.

  26. First thing I noticed….Where’s the unchained soul of disaster? Blue dog starts the link shenanigans. I play budget unchained, but wouldn’t run DPE or dragoon anyways. I’d definitely recommend 3x on all 3 twins.

  27. Yeah, I added disaster back in today after a few games where it became clear that even though it can be a brick, it's still absolutely necessary.

  28. So how often are you leaning into the actual unchained vs the other stuff in the deck. Do you find you don’t have enough actual starters doe the strategy you want? If so, cut anything not unchained and add back in….so if u want, keep the DPE stuff. Keep the hand traps like ash, infinite, cosmic cyclone prolly ok. That cuts out arch fiend, tour guide, etc….that gives u room for more twins. You should hopefully find that you can play the unchained part more after that.

  29. As long as my hand isn't completely dead, I can usually get stuff going with the unchained stuff. The main reason I have tour guide and the archfiend stuff is to search eccentrick since she can pop an unchained spell/trap to get things going. I was trying out call of the archfiend, but I think I'm gonna take it out since it's not really doing enough, and it's also kind of redundant given that chamber is a thing.

  30. So sorry about everything. Wanna talk?

  31. Idk. I'm feeling sick from this, I need to sleep, and I'm not sure if I can. I took some tums, hoping they help with my stomach, but I just don't need this additional stress right now, especially in the middle of the fucking night...

  32. I find it happens to me more when I'm dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety and such.

  33. I always got "you just always have to have the last word, don't you?!" Because they constantly misinterpreted or ignored what I was trying to say, and I just wanted them to understand or believe me... They just didn't care I guess...

  34. This is both the my biggest fear and biggest driving force for trying to create my own card game.

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