Bodycam: Rochester NY police pepper spray handcuffed 9-year-old girl

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  1. 4000 immigrants a day people !!!! 32,000 a month!!! Jobs are already low. We don’t have free health for our own children??? Where will they go? Who’s job will they take? Do you know the average time immigrants are on welfare/assistant living? They’re on it the whole time there here!!! We gassed/riot shielded our own American people but physically let illegal immigrants push there way thru our boarder??? Drugs, gangs, human trafficking and cartel members!!! Really guys, we haven’t learned from previous leaders attempts ??? It is illegal!!!!!!!! I feel for you all my American/Mexican boarder states.

  2. Who would put there kids thru that? What parent takes there child to illegally break into a country and risk dying from exposure?

  3. Biden doesn’t have a tuff bone in his body. More refugees! Really...?

  4. Go hodl yourself elsewhere, thanks. You're in the wrong subreddit.

  5. Be cautious of tay_Superfly currently of blood moon !!! He recently changed server name now that he has been exposed. Guilty conscience!!!

  6. Glad to see others recognizing this server for what it is. ADMIN ABUSE !!!

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