1. she’s always saying the sweetest stuff about her fellow cast mates 🥹🥹 i love her ugh

  2. The goat, aka Gilbert Goatfried until named in the show, falls under several possibilities.

  3. I’m thinking the goat ends up being a sacrifice of some kind in the adult timeline!

  4. alright! i will be watching around 8PM but just watch when you can and we will discuss the next day!

  5. This is where time difference sucks. I'd happily watch along but your evenings are middle of the night in the UK =(

  6. I was gonna rewatch anyway, but if y'all do the live discussion thing, I'll try and participate.

  7. Can't edit. Only just noticed what's to the left of him. Is that a snow covered boot attached to a leg? Is he holding Javi? I'm inconsolable!

  8. 89 baby here! I’ve convinced my mother and a few friends to watch as well, I know people that range from their 20s-70s that watch the show! my FAVORITE show I’ve ever watched, I will convince anyone to join the hive!!

  9. “Corn nuts” is a classic. Happy Birthday to you, Emily!

  10. The Last of Us had be sobbing like a baby, such a great episode, truly. thanks for the birthday wishes 🥰 I definitely plan on checking out Poker Face!

  11. I love what Ro said about imagination - if it's real to them then it's real to us. Excellent

  12. What’s your podcast? I’d love to check it out

  13. it’s called Yellowjackets Hive! available on apple and Spotify and we also stream video on YouTube!

  14. it really is! they are each impacted in their own way and it manifests so differently in each one of them.

  15. I'm surprised to see less votes for Taissa! She literally is having dissociative episodes where she isn't in control of her body or mind, she had to send away her wife and son for fear of causing them physical harm.. While yes she acts very poised in comparison to Nat, I really think she's the most deeply impacted because she is so out of control at times.

  16. I’m honestly surprised too. she legit eats dirt and killed her dog I would say she isn’t dealing well lol

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