1. I’m glad I saw it before it got removed. It gave me a good chuckle last night 🤣

  2. Shit I’d come over and help declutter while taking it home to me 🤭😏

  3. If I’m not mistaken - Shelly was recommended to her by a friend when Holley needed a dogsitter

  4. I hate myself and I can admit that but I also hate Holley and the bitch who stole my game boy in 4th grade. What about it? Why come to get your wittle feelings hurt?! Lmao byeee. Ppl act like they haven’t talked shit before.

  5. Did you ever get the game boy back???

  6. I saw it for a split second earlier and it was looking a lot different in my head. It’s executed horrendously.

  7. I’m not going to lie the daisy chant commercial feels so eerie to me. It kinda reminds me of Midsommar. Memorable for sure though !

  8. Y’all remember the Gucci one? Where the dude was coming out of the water.

  9. Imagine being so miserable with your own life that you are hating on a 21-year-old beautiful smart intelligent young lady that you won't never meet and has no idea who you are. That's probably how your mama thought about you when she seen you be born she only thought you were cute because you were her kid. And maybe you don't have a mama to teach you how to treat others so if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all

  10. Really though. I’m a travel nurse and I don’t start building bonds until I’m about to leave…so I extend haha

  11. At my last job I was there 5 days a week. It took me a good four months before I started liking the ppl there. I was pretty shy but still.

  12. MY JAW IS ON THE FLOOR. I’ve never seen this. This deserves its own damn post what the hell

  13. It was, maybe like 3 weeks ago. When everyone was calling her and Amy out.

  14. I had a debate with a "friend" about it and she started posting even more of his shit on facebook. It was truly disgusting.

  15. It shows their true colors. Whether they admit to it or not, but they know. Even though they love everyone. Black, blue, purple 🤭 always the same argument.

  16. She made it seem like it would come as a shock with her having a storefront. Ofc she does. $$$$

  17. Okay, but also I just do not think this is a cute look. I 100% understand she’s pregnant and cute/fitted clothes might not be her jam right now. Pregnancy aside, i just don’t think this is anything special. Maybe I’m getting old 😂

  18. People dragged her for calling it cat food and I don’t think it’s very nice that you’re doing it 🤷🏼‍♀️

  19. Here we have another old person upset her unseasoned girlie is getting dragged

  20. The people in her comments sounds so dumb tho 😭😭they’re crying about “stereotyping” or “judging” truck drivers but 100% support her homophobia lolol

  21. I don’t like her but I also don’t like the old ppl saying not to cuss.

  22. A few friends came to see her when she first moved in, but not sure if they stayed or if they got a hotel & just came over. That is a great point tho

  23. There’s a lot that does expedited but it’s normally not that quick. Hardly ever. And for her to see the DM that quick. Not buying it.

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