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  1. You had bands like Metallica putting out Ride the Lightning at this time. The makeup at this point was a joke.

  2. Metallica hadn’t even released kill ‘‘em all and they also got rid of the makeup a year later when Metallica released kill ‘em all

  3. Don’t know how to fix it but I gotta say that album is a masterpiece

  4. Yeah but hey if u can’t fix it u should go on eBay and can get it for abt 3-8 dollars

  5. Cause Guns n' Roses are better in whatever metric this list is based on?

  6. I kinda agree in some areas but gnr is def my fav band of all time

  7. Dirt and core have a dirty grunge sound but the grunge would have to be Nevermind but those two are runner up’s

  8. Mellon collie and the infinite sadness Appetite for destruction Definitely maybe Mechanical animals Slippery when wet My top 5 of all time

  9. Their last great album. After that it was nothing but radio friendly unit shifters.

  10. What abt superuknown I’ll admit it took me forever to get into superuknown but it’s great u should try it again

  11. Far beyond driven was panteras album and let me tell u it is perfection

  12. Some great finds would u be willing to sell enema or ok computer or send a link to where I could get them for a decent price

  13. I mean ur a 13 year old guy u shouldn’t wear makeup it’s weird imho

  14. Great Manson album do u like mechanical animals? it’s in my top 10 of all time

  15. I just rlly got into my metal other than Korn who I liked for abt a year but I would def say limp bizkit is the greatest Nu metal that I love chocolate starfish is such a great album idk why they aren’t most ppls fav Nu metal band they r so good

  16. FHD 2014 and GRODT is mandatory, you can skip the rest

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