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The Privatized Internet Has Failed Us: The early promises about the utopia that the internet would bring us have proven wrong. The internet can never deliver on all it’s capable of when it’s run for profit — we need a publicly owned internet

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  1. The most restrictive states like NY and NJ will require a full day of gun safety and shooting range training (hopefully) in order to get a concealed carry license. It will take a few years to set up and grow that industry, but multitudes of retired LEO's will step in to fill the void. And their retirement accounts.

  2. No. I've got one of the surplus SKS from Albania via Palmettto State Armory and I love it. I had a Yugo M59/66 that I sold and will miss. Milsurp lovers share a respect for mechanical objects that are well designed and over-built and could last forever with X amount of care.

  3. I wonder if Democrats realize that American democracy is on its last leg and will completely die if the Republicans get their way

  4. More importantly, how does Joe Mancion and Christian Cinema not realize it?? We need them to pass the Voting Rights act and they're focusing on gun control and inflation.

  5. Nobody else uses that term except Donald Trump. All they do is play back the words of The Master.

  6. "That big friggin dog is in my yard. Do something! Make it go away"!

  7. The damage that Facebook has done to us is the perfect indictment. Nobody wants the government to oversee business but American business unrestricted is the single most dangerous entity we deal with. The idea of business with any public conscience died a generation ago.

  8. If anything not jailing him will enrage a good portion of the country, and rightfully so. This cancer has gotten away with so much in his lifetime he needs to pay. Healing a rift? That rift will never heal until the sludge he gave a voice to slides back under the rocks from which it came.

  9. "Thank you, sir, we've been calling for backup all day For some reason the President doesn't want to call the national guard".

  10. Yes. The ability to assure future free and fair elections is held up by Senators Manchin and Cinema refusal to support the Voters Rights Act. Without that, the Trumplicans will overturn the election results just as they're planning to do in plain view. And my Democrats are focused on gun control.

  11. Hopefully the atmosphere here on this sub has gotten better. Just six months ago I posted some closeup pics regarding the fitment of my new M70 and before I could post an explanation, a few of the regulars had angrily bullied the MOD into banning me for my stupidity. Unlike

  12. Very nice! The GS bikes were introduced in 1976 and Suzuki spent a lot of resources in their design and engineering because these bikes were Suzukis transition from 2-stroke to 4-stroke street bikes and they had to be just right. Enjoy that, sir!

  13. Outraged? It was fully covered today on all the news outlets. How much coverage did 19 murdered children get, any fucking shed tears over that on OAN or Newsmaxx?

  14. Another new M70 owner here. Please re-post and keep us updated as to resolution. Thanks!

  15. Also I want a lot of pictures of what he looks like without his team of "makeup and hair" artists

  16. His comb over shaved off, he's in an orange jumpsuit shackled to several large black fellow prisoners, shuffling down the hallway too his sentencing hearing.

  17. The one third from left is looking at you like "don't even think about it".

  18. That bike is plenty big enough and powerful enough to haul you around nicely. First introduced in 1976, the GS series was Suzukis first foray into four-stroke street bikes. They were well designed and engineered to assure the companies continued success. The 850 was the top of the line, shaft drive cruiser.

  19. That was my reaction-- she's sick of his anti-vax attitude and feigning illness to avoid him.

  20. Whatever is the result of the investigation into the 'decision' not to have these cops do their jobs while the children of their community are being murdered IN REAL TIME, the overall public level of trust and respect for police just took another major hit, just like it did as we watched a video of a man getting murdered in slow motion with a cops knee on his neck. What have we heard from the police community?? Fucking crickets.

  21. CZ 75B is my main carry gun and it's my favourite ever

  22. Very nice, sir. I'm a Suzuki 2-stroke guy from the 70's and I love the GSX styling.

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