TIL That Gold can grow on trees. This actually happens. When a tree has deep root growth, it can “strike gold” and absorb it through a biochemical process and in turn deposit the mineral into the tree’s bark and leaves.

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  1. Fuck him and the mask he rode in on. What a useless piece of shit he is. Oh let’s create a tax credit for vacant housing so that ppl don’t have to pay as much. Fucking douchebag. Make it quite literally impossible for the cost of living to even out. Should tax the vacancies more!!! Fuck the idea that we get taxed more because we reside here.

  2. Stay there. It’s too fucking expensive to live here. You’ll just end up going back because the cost of living sucks and too much useless unemployment.

  3. Suicide is judgemental. The people judge us for feeling a way they can’t ever quantify. And then feel like they need to come to our fucking rescue despite us just wanting space.

  4. Don't bring it up or use him as a reference any more, shouldn't be much of an issue except now you need a new reference

  5. Eh they're unlikely to care at all about you working for the same company or find out he was your direct superior, it's not your fault he turned out to be a murderer. the only major misstep would be continuing to use him as a reference (which you clearly aren't gonna do lol) cause it would show your poor judgement

  6. The world as we knew it is over, bud. Welcome to the world we live in for the foreseeable future.

  7. Think it’d be worth it to cancel? There’s two ways to see it… either he’s awesome and will wait for you… or he won’t.

  8. Now that you say that it's probably not worth it for me to cancel my vacation becauseeeee he could always wait for me, buttttt will he though? I don't knowwww.

  9. Hey look at it this way… whatever you were going to see will always be there… he won’t.

  10. You're only an asshole if you cave and give them what they want. They are lazy, entitled losers to me., and don't want to actually work for anything.

  11. Why the fuck would you write this in a trauma community? Like what the fuck man... It's not even funny.

  12. Why don’t you just take you lunch anyways? Let them fire you then go to labor relations.

  13. it's a strange feeling... almost like another body has been sewn to you. But I lose feeling in my face, hands.... all over depending on stress too.

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