1. I have a lizard that does this when I rub his ears- so cool to see how much they share in their evolution!

  2. Haha, there were certainly cons to my days of botany surveys, but I got to see so many cool wildflowers and butterflies! I don’t miss the waist to shoulder high poison ivy, though.

  3. Yeah, I'm a park ranger by trade and it's...frustrating. Especially when I talk to someone who insists they'll keep insert invasive from Asia here in check. (I'm in Virginia, so my personal favorites are Forsythia, chocolate vien, and beefsteak mint.)

  4. Yeahhh one of our friends told me he’ll keep the Amur honeysuckle as a privacy screen, he didn’t seem to believe me that there are many fast growing natives that could replace it, or that the honeysuckle will continue trying to take over the yard until the world ends.

  5. Avian flu required millions of domestic birds to be culled this year/last year, so I suspect that would hinder a lot of exhibition for poultry. Unfortunately in the pandemic, many older farmers have also passed away, and farming is already a declining profession with a high average age. As others mentioned, the price to raise livestock is high right now, so there may be fewer schoolkids showing animals.

  6. Cats, like all living things, are made up of lots of different proteins. You might be allergic to a protein that most cats have, but this cat might be recessive and not have it. It might also be a matter of dosage- some cats have more dandruff than others.

  7. Unfortunately, homeopathy is not based in science and does not have evidence that it works.

  8. While hippos are not as severely threatened as other well known species, they are poorly understood as an animal, due to the difficulty of studying wild hippos. Their closest relatives are possibly whales. That is part of why Fiona was such a little miracle- there’s really no textbook on hippo care, much less a premature baby hippo. It is a testament to the staff’s good care and research that she is thriving.

  9. TenthAcreFarm.com has everything you need. She is based in the Cincinnati area and if you join her email list, she sends out occasional emails about what to plant throughout our season.

  10. They were probably glad you bought it. It seems every thrift store I go to is overflowing with dish sets. My guess is they are heavy to move and people reason they can buy a new set wherever they go.

  11. Wow! I just cannot get BlackEyed Susans or Coneflowers to seed. Any tips? I’ve tried direct sow and sowing in seed starter.

  12. Weird, coneflowers should be able to germinate as long as they are warm. From what I double checked, they only need to be 1/8-1/2 inch deep in soil medium, maybe they were planted too deep? Alternately the seed source may have harvested them too early before they were viable. Finches really love them and can pick the seed heads clean before they can be harvested.

  13. In my experience, each of those individual pieces would be a couple hundred on their own lol. Don't dance too much when you go to pay the seller.

  14. Folie a Deux by Fall Out Boy has a good variety of sound, it's one of my go-tos for driving.

  15. Deer are browsers similar to goats. So much like a goat, they’ll eat just about anything once, and if it doesn’t kill them they’ll eat it a second time. While they definitely wander my area, I find my neighbor’s many barky dogs seem to keep them from lingering long enough to eat everything.

  16. This top, much wow. Pattern please?

  17. Woah that’s so cool! I’ve been searching for a multi shelf end table that would match my colorful vibe... are you able to get a model number or style name or anything for this lamp? It’s kinda perfect.

  18. IS THAT WHAT THOSE ARE CALLED?!?! I had no idea there was another kind of black-eyed susan. Thanks!

  19. Yeah it’s a bit confusing as the vine is from Africa, and the black eyed susans you were expecting are an aster family flower from North America. I would guess the vine is named after the wildflower but not sure.

  20. I tried to apply for a ground’s position at this cemetery but when trying to schedule my second interview the guy on the phone didn’t believe that I was the person who applied and kept asking for the man that applied and that j should just “go get him or give me his number” like damn j bc I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t mow grass or dig some holes

  21. That’s hilariously sad that he had such a narrow worldview that his brain was glitching like that. I’ve worked plenty of manual labor jobs and the teams were often about fifty fifty men and women. Using a riding mower on flat ground is easy enough that old retired guys with no athleticism can manage it, not sure why they think a healthy adult woman couldn’t.

  22. This just confirms my quest for a teal or emerald green velvet couch is justified. Love how it adds so much vibrancy

  23. These sorts of things are really a job for wildlife officers, not sure why there are several recommendations to call the local PD. Here's the list of wildlife officers by county:

  24. It works for me because the brand I buy is unscented. I use it to clean off oil and sweat mainly, in summer.

  25. It happened last night, is a week the expected duration?

  26. When tornadoes came through Dayton a few years ago, some people were out for 2 weeks due to how it hit the major power sources.

  27. Going to a sandwich place but getting just the toppings. It might feel weird to request but I was told by workers that it's fairly common for people who are reducing carbs or whatever. You just have to underline that it's for allergy reasons so that they are careful not to assemble it on the same cutting boards used for bread.

  28. I wouldn’t. I worked at Jimmy John’s and just being there for several hours every day triggered a reaction, and they were super clean about everything. Their lettuce wraps made me feel like I was dying...

  29. Oh, jeez. If it's happening at Jimmy John's then its probably even worse at other restaurants. Good insight.

  30. It does look exactly like all the Ryan Homes popping up where I live. And the more rich the suburb, the wider the houses get... they look the same they just get bigger and more bloated.

  31. You can try, but usually leaking or clogged drain would just cause the water to leak, not hurting the ACs function.

  32. I found this thread because we have an identical AC issue at the moment, and I think you're onto something - we haven't heard the loud chug-chug of the ac coming on today, just the fan blowing nonstop. Interesting.

  33. If you look at the capacitor it may look visibly damaged, if it is bulging or leaking its almost certainly the issue.

  34. Visually, it looks fine, but we watched it cycle and the compressor made a bzzt noise that made the lights in the house dim, but wouldn't fully turn over. So we turned off the breaker to the compressor for now and will try the capacitor fix before facing the fact that we might be out a compressor....

  35. I have really dry skin so I know what you mean. I have found raw honey to be an excellent humectant. My skin is never so soft, dewy, and plump as when I do a honey mask for a few hours. The hard part is keeping it from dripping on everything.

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