1. 10k? that's a bigger number than the audience for season 4!!

  2. Try Shudder. Shudder will take literally anything.

  3. Poor old yeller deserved 5 seasons more according to reddit.

  4. Better than season 3 but worse than 2.

  5. They had to cut costs to pay for Caleb's salary.

  6. And Succession was the “Billionaire porn no one wanted”, funny how things turns out

  7. We cannot stop winning Loganbros.

  8. I liked the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes of this episode.

  9. I'll never play the shitty game, so in my canon Adam Smasher won.

  10. I hope watching Ozymandias fart was worth the $130mdd budget, HBO.

  11. Is it just me or does the protagonist look like Hbomberguy's lost twin brother?

  12. the main actresses hairline almost touches her eyebrows and it creeps me out

  13. Wait till you see the balding 15 year old kid.

  14. It was good but they used to leave more room for imagination in the old format.

  15. This can't be true. Can she carry a show by herself?

  16. The movie is practically a giant racist dog whistle. Change dutch for non-european migration and the movie's intent becomes pretty obvious.

  17. It was a good season on average, but I think they didn't know what to do with the mini-mexico arc.

  18. Did somebody replace Bruce with Mr Freeze?

  19. Imagine having a square shaped vagina.

  20. You're enjoying the rehearsal wrong. Here, take this crack pipe.

  21. It started off almost as good as season 2 but by the end it was on par with season 3.

  22. A lot of the discourse of the show and Nathan in general is about how he is manipulative or lies to people. It was interesting that Angela said the same thing in this episode.

  23. He rehearsed the reactions to his show.

  24. The demons fixed not only his writer's block but also his lower back pain, Sister Andrea already lost this match to Leland.

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