1. The difference between reading a work for knowledge vs reading a work to find what you want to see.

  2. Then the work should be amended to clarify the message since it's being used for an important matter.

  3. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/yao-ming-face-bitch-please

  4. Serious question cause I'm afraid of how to search for this:

  5. From reporters Natalie Musumeci and Chris Panella, "Undercover state agents were sent by the administration of Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to spy on an Orlando drag show — and they found nothing "lewd" about it, according to the Miami Herald.

  6. There are so many little things too- just words used and references. Use of kilometers. Also, Tim Hortons. Canadians reference it like we would use Starbucks or Dunkin but more I think. They have some menu items that are really big in Canada I assume. Is it the coffee and donuts?? Timbos? Or something!?!

  7. As a vegetarian I cannot go out to to eat without at least 5 people bothering me "meat is super yummy though... why don't you eat it? What's wrong with you? This is why you look so pale, you need a good juicy steak. If you were on an abandoned island, would you eat your pet rabbit?" or whatever.

  8. "What vegetarian options do you have?"

  9. When I studied abroad in China, I learned about a city government program to combat poverty and homelessness by hiring them to do menial labor. A lot of it was busywork like street sweeping, trash collection, and acting as guides and unarmed security in transit terminals, but in exchange for working they got a basic studio apartment, food, and a small cash salary. They also provided uniforms and bus passes for people to get to and from work. One of the chinese students in my class explained that the idea was to ease people back into "normal" society by giving them structure, purpose, and dignity. Making them feel like they had a stake in their community and could contribute.

  10. 0.65 is the same as .65 but, it's generally bad practice to not put the zero in front. Not putting the zero can lead to very bad mistakes that can kill people. If someone reads .5 milligrams as 5 milligrams then they might administer a huge overdose of medication to a patient, for example.

  11. Generally, sure. But this is sports, so it's not that critical, and if the statistic is win rate or batting average or field goal rate, the value is always ≤1 and usually <1, so it saves space to drop the leading zero and focus attention on the most significant digit.

  12. It's so far a released 8-episode series on Hulu getting mixed reviews.

  13. Also what looks like a lot of dashboard warning lights are lit.

  14. It's like half BMW E46 and half E30? Not sure which steering wheel that resembles.

  15. This looks like SFO. It was very windy yesterday.

  16. The thing is, when most people talk about this what they're focused on is people hopping fare gates or breaking car windows... instead of the people getting away with theft and crime on a mass scale through shit like wage theft, environmental destruction, insider trading, war profiteering etc etc.

  17. One can be concerned about more than one problem at a time.

  18. The actual result has the same photo for step 2, but it says "Measure out the coffee."

  19. In this video, the instructor demonstrates at 0:16 the instinctive thing many would do (what not to do), pulling directly away from the attacker.

  20. Funny thing about this car is that it was created through tons of market research. Easy access, good storage, drives like a car... they essentially created the crossover before crossovers were a thing. It could have been a huge hit if the execution weren't so horrendous.

  21. The federal government should be putting the screws to these companies and these states. Regulating interstate commerce is the purview of the federal government. States shouldn’t be allowed to ban medications at all.

  22. You might be surprised. The kids and young adults who think they are less attractive than the influencers who are naturally attractive will see the need for the crutch, to level the playing field.

  23. Don't even start with me about the weird colors of carbon copy paper. Red? Blue? Why?

  24. That kind of paper is actually called

  25. How do the rates of loss of aircraft/crew compare? (e.g. with steam, you can have an unexpectedly weak launch that dumps the aircraft into the sea)

  26. So what's the difference between a recognition guide and a technical readout?

  27. I've been out of the tabletop products for a long time, but FWIW the cover does say in the bottom left corner "a technical readout."

  28. Cold toilet water—used, cold toilet water—is very different from clean, warm bidet water.

  29. i bet the fish never even dreamt about the chance to get to fly high above the sea. What a treat!

  30. Have you ever dreamt about being dragged at high speed deep below the water, unable to breathe, as a treat...

  31. He does this last time he was a ticketer giving out parking tickets.

  32. It's also the same vehicle in both videos.

  33. For anyone wondering, that isn't

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