1. Citation? I don't recall seeing that, but even if I'm wrong, the Palestinians are one of the closest groups.

  2. This source is from 2001, which was about 22 years ago.

  3. Palestinians are closer genetically to Saudis and Bedouins than they are to Jews.

  4. No. Even if Palestinians had been cool with a state that has a minority jewish population, I wouldn’t

  5. Because the Palestinian state would not protect them. Why not? Because they are not ready for peace.

  6. I also don’t trust Jordanians to treat a jewish minority well. Does that mean I’m going to move a civilian population into their borders?

  7. The west bank is not Palestinian territory. It is disputed territory.

  8. I totally agree; it is subjective. While I don’t agree with your perspective I do appreciate your explanation of your opinion. At this point I think we should agree to disagree. I wish you a wonderful day!

  9. Thank you so much. Nice chatting with you. Be well.

  10. I'm not interested in hypotheticals. We're talking about this specific scenario captured here on video. This woman is actively assaulting a police officer. Another officer uses physical force to stop the assault. This DA's office, no friend of police officers, said that nothing illegal occurred here. Whether what happened here is "good" or "bad" is completely subjective. I myself see nothing wrong with it. Every person has an inherent right to self defense. Even a police officer.

  11. Oh! You know how AI generates people with uncanny valley features like too many teeth or weird fingers? She has AI generated teeth.

  12. Back in the day everyone always said that Julia Roberts was hot and that she was so pretty, but I never thought so!!!

  13. She smiles and you can see like 50 teeth. What's up with that?!

  14. Depends if I like the person or not. If I'm having a good time, it's ok.

  15. Unfortunately I do not believe it will work on the newer versions of android. Developer has to patch this.

  16. Yes. Because bizarrely, insider trading laws do not apply to Congress.

  17. Today it is early, if tomorrow we give birth to an AI that feel sentiments it becomes more serious. Which civilization doesn’t want to know about its future by simulating a universe?

  18. To question 2, anything that can hurt the universe is a threat, and is probably destroyed before the threat is about to be executed. This is my argument for this one. We will protect our universe, if someone is with us, they do too.

  19. Maybe we're simulated and the great filter is the kid running the simulation turning off his computer before going to bed.

  20. Every 4X game is different. They don't even have all the same victory conditions.

  21. I thought as 4x describes the key elements the best winning strategies should be also the same?!

  22. Do you play 4X games? They're all different. You can't just say "these are all the same genre and therefore will play the same."

  23. And how many are even ultimately successful?

  24. Well if the country doesn't accept to take the person how are you deporting then? We should be confiscating the money

  25. Oh, the PA will take them. They're heroes, right?

  26. That's why I'm hesitant I don't want them going there and getting a standing ovation and getting more money. That's not justice.

  27. Well they're doing life in prison anyway.

  28. Not really. But they might have been able to hold him off a bit longer if they had their wands.

  29. James was a skilled wizard and would have put up a stout defense I am sure.

  30. Mammoths had their shot, and nature selected them for extinction.

  31. Arthur Weasley. Just very relatable to me for a whole host of reasons.

  32. I don't use a mouse pad. But if I did, it would be that one for sure.

  33. I mean, it's not impossible.

  34. Still waiting for GalCiv 4 to come to steam : grumble grumble:

  35. Who isn't up for some apocalyptic fiction? If it's well done it might be enjoyable.

  36. Not "suspected terrorists". Known terrorists.

  37. Homeland is good, although it overstays it's welcome and drags on a few seasons too many.

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