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  1. No I’ve never seen an olive before. Have you ever seen a comment from an annoying person before?

  2. I confuse xlr cables with mando strings all the time too. Common mistake

  3. I believe I’ve told you before in the past, and I’ll say it again - your username is awesome. I named my first mandolin Mando Calrissian. Only one I’ve named. I have the Eastman 314 now, I need to come up with some kind of Pi/pie pun

  4. It’s always so hard for me to choose my favorite tracks. Their albums are literal roller coasters, and you can’t just choose which loop or drop you love. Just the whole ride. The build up of certain songs creates how epic the next song will be. Harvest into Drapery Falls, Coil into Heir Apparent, etc. Nonetheless great list!

  5. Which time zone? Do ghosts account for daylight savings? Lol "time" is a made up concept. There's no such thing as 3am.

  6. There’s no such thing as time, but there is such thing as earth’s rotation vs personal placement on the earth vs sun. Time is an easy meter for this. It’s one of the only things we pretty much all agree on internationally. Where I agree it doesn’t make it an absolute fact that it was indeed a supernatural occurrence, orbits and revolutions are still real

  7. I had a similar experience.. posted it on reddit before.. it's in my profile history if you're interested.. it's the only thing there so it'll be easy enough to find.. would love for you to read it and let me know how it compares to what you saw.. thanks

  8. Damn! I think we saw the same thing. It was literally blackness like this. That’s insane. I feel the same way too, this totally solidified my belief in the paranormal

  9. Whenever anything is on the ceiling, that’s never good. Creepy things are way creepier once they’re on the ceiling. If it’s a girl just standing there, yeah that’s pretty scary. But on the ceiling, that thing is malicious

  10. Watershed death metal sections

  11. I love this album the most I think. It has such great duality. I think Lotus Eater is one of the best songs ever. I also I love how Coil builds up into Heir Apparent. It’s funny I lived close enough to the highway when I was younger that I would put this album on when I left for work, Coil ALWAYS finished as I was getting onto the highway, and then Heir Apparent was perfect for the chaos of getting onto the highway

  12. The idea of Djinn freaks me out more than anything. Listened to The Hidden Djinn podcast a few years ago and was fascinated and started researching them a bit. I also had a weird conversation with an old man at a casino years ago. He told me all about Djinn. I don’t remember how I even started talking with him, but I mentioned aliens, and he told me pretty much every strange experience is due to Djinn. That they’ll mask themselves as other beings etc. He was dead serious at this point and freaked me out a bit. I’m starting to wonder now if he was a Djinn or something?

  13. One does not simply start playing mandolin without mandolessons.com

  14. Congrats! I have the same one! I love it. I can’t go anywhere without it or I get separation anxiety!

  15. And even if you believe it's legit, how do you not acknowledge that the husband is a fucking idiot?

  16. I don’t know why, but this comment just made me burst out laughing. Also why is the baby out there on his back, while she’s taking showers and making Reddit videos and shit

  17. Ha!!! I always practice in my head. Have imaginary conversations/arguments. Rearranging conversations I already had with better responses 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  18. “Okay line is getting shorter… I want something delicious, I’m going all out on this one! ask if they have oat milk… ask if they have oat milk… do I even want oat milk? Fuck oat milk, I’m going heavy cream. Don’t let them upsell me the new chocolate ginger scone, they just asked the last person, say no. Why is that guy over there looking at me strangely-“

  19. I can’t order a pizza over the phone, without locking myself in a soundproof room with a retinal scanner to enter

  20. Funny I am left handed but always played guitars right handed. A lefty 515 would be something special! This one is the 315.

  21. I’m the same way. Being left handed in a right handed world, forces you to adapt, and you essentially become ambidextrous

  22. I like the mashing sounds just as much as the mando’s.

  23. Was it purchased used or new? That’s so strange. I agree with a blade, or maybe a smaller flat head screw driver and slide back so you can shim it a bit? Also if you haven’t got to this point. Take one set of strings at a time to keep floating bridge in place

  24. Not a bad price at all. My first mandolin was a used Stagg from a pawn shop that I paid $75 for, 8 years ago. It was rough, not very good at all, but I loved it. The action was really bad. But it just makes you appreciate your upgrade instrument that much more; when the time comes!

  25. Cool Hand Luke is by far my favorite movie of all time. Dude was the Dude

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