1. Probably the Blue Jay simped to hard this time.

  2. Can confirm as a 93 baby

  3. Just like my cousin, today it's his 30th birthday. It even makes me feel old.

  4. Only 10, Killer Queen also blow up Jotaro the same way as Oingo manga.

  5. The transman who did the school shooting in Colorado a few years ago is in a women's prison.

  6. So trans men are more above the law than even the King?

  7. Bro is just naming all the footballers he knows in no particular order lmao

  8. The only old players on the list are current managers.

  9. And Mario Sports have been a decline since they followed the same business model of making low content and adding free DLC every update. It works for some games but not others.

  10. Mario Strickers League got like 6 characters and 3 stadiums that look identical. The Wii game had a lot more content.

  11. They tried it once and we got Federation Force, it seems that Mercury Steam isn’t as dependent on the boomer executives of Nintendo that still do ancient game design choices.

  12. After forspoken I don’t care about reviews anymore. I love that game. It’s been amazing, but everyone hates it. Idc anymore lol. If it looks fun to me I’ll play it.

  13. We get a lore explanation of why Patrick is smol?

  14. Y seguro que de pensión cobrará más que el trabajador medio.

  15. Korra season 2 retroactively makes the whole Avatar series worse. What a mess.

  16. Any fictional narrative where "The Magic Goes Away Forever" is counted as a happy ending is garbage.

  17. Isn't that also the ending of Lord of the Rings?

  18. I never knew if it was a guy chewing gum, or a guy with very few teeth.

  19. Risitas always lacked teeth and a goid financial advisor, lost all the money he make in his films.

  20. These people never had 300 billion in the first place.

  21. The worst off are maybe people who were to young to vote remain in 2016 and now have to deal with an economy hamstrung by retired morons voting to impose economic sanctions on their own country

  22. Remain would have eventually won by default just by demographics, the young people who were borned being part of the EU are less likely to want to change the status quo.

  23. I didn't want to leave in the first place. This might not be the Brexit the 52% voted for, but it's sure as shit the one I voted against.

  24. Referendums shouldn't be a 51-49 split in the first place, why doing such a trastic reform if still almost half the population were hapoy with the status quo, by just demographics remain would have won if the referendum was one of 2 years later, most young people wanted to remain.

  25. Peter Pan beats a pig 20 consecutives times.

  26. Eso es xq uds ven las tomboy de instagram y piensan que todas son asi. La mayoría de las tomboy son gordas que se visten con ropa estilo masculino y no se baña. Tienen todas las desventajas de los hombres y no estan buenas. Lo mismo con los trapitos, femboys, o lo que sea, todos acá se ilusionan xq ven los trapos de instagram cuando en la vida real la mayoría se parece a zulma lobato.

  27. Bo se que Tomboys ve usted, pero tienen tasas de obesidad inferiores a la media de la población.

  28. Maybe his stand ability is that nothing can drop from his hand.

  29. Is it just me or are steroids making a quiet rise in popularity? Growing up I heard all about the danger of using them but it feels like nobody online seems to care? I’ve seen guys at my gym look like literal balloon animals they’re so jacked up.

  30. I know this is a bit off topic, but afaik humans before agricultural revolution were actually smarter on the individual level than us today (I read this in Sapiens by Yuval Harari). More penalty for being dumb, with poisonous berries, snakes to watch out for and what not. Even more contemporary hunter gatherer tribes (e.g. Californian Indians) were in many ways smarter than an average missionary. The classification of different plants and species and all the ways to use them that they had was far superior to that of Europeans, and it was all carried in memory as opposed to being stored in a book without an average person actually knowing it. By far most of it is lost now, along with many of those species. (Source: Tending the wild by Kat Anderson)

  31. They were expert on different things, my local farmers 1000 years ago developed a whistle language for long distance comunication that todays is mostly forgotten.

  32. Athena, Artemis and Hestia has always been the Godly Ace Trio.

  33. Fancy skin they get when they get the 1 million kill count achievement.

  34. I was explaining why it was going on. It is disingenuous to frame the argument as mother v father when in fact the general leading principles are based on father v kid.

  35. But the semen was stolen, the father had 0 intentions of being a father.

  36. Muyayo, you can defend a war when we aren’t save from semen thieves.

  37. We will not stand for the Daisy slander, this isn't 2004

  38. Daisy could team up with Pink Gold Peach.

  39. I thought people were capping. It actually is important to the plot.

  40. But not as important as Jolyne masturbating to the moon and prison bars, that essential to explain how her arms became that buff by the end of the part.

  41. Te la jugas no, literalmente la mayoria no son

  42. También puede pasar que fueran adolescentes cuando se unieran en 2014 y ahora tengan que laburar.

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