1. Have you talked to the professor? The class is generally very accommodating due to its small size.

  2. You can drop and take it again in the Spring.

  3. Target at Tempe Marketplace pays $15/hour, and the two CVS stores right next to campus pay $13/hour :)

  4. Depends what part of campus you’re coming from, if you’re on the northwest corner it should be about a 10 minute walk but if you’re by Barrett on the southeast corner it’ll be closer to 30 mins

  5. Barrett beds are not full size unless you are in a Studio suite by yourself, or a few isolated rooms in Willow, or in Vista del Sol. The rest of Barrett dorm beds are TwinXL. Some like to do a Full size comforter though, since Vista beds are full size in Sophomore year.

  6. Private room / shared bath, private room / quad, or private room / studio. If you're completely alone with just a room, then yes you are correct they are Full size. If you have a private in a shared bath or quad, it's Twin XL.

  7. Buisness majors generally have to take more than one math class - if your ALEKS score tests too low to take your math classes, you'll be behind.

  8. J I start fall 2022 but where do I get the info for that??? And thank you!

  9. Yes, but screenshot your result and save it. It typically takes at least overnight to post in the system. It’s a good idea to have a backup record to share with an advisor in case they aren’t able to see it in the system.

  10. I'm going to be a barrett student this fall. I'll be waiting for the answer too :( .

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