1. Just read your comment, yep this is the optimal way to play ying pretty much. Good job with your match homie.

  2. So how did u use her ?? I suck at ying so any tips wud help

  3. For ying, play her life exchange talent and make sure you land your heal shots. Build up chronos and her cooldown for healing will be ridiculously low. Also buy morale boost ll cause her ult is arguably the best part of her kit.

  4. That is awesome, I wished I had the time and space for something like dis.

  5. How did you do the glowing weapon with the starter paint set?

  6. As I mentioned I used the starter paint set + caledor sky and leadbelcher. This was a while ago so either it was caledor sky mixed with white, or macragge blue with white

  7. This dubious little creature up to no good, is ironically looking pretty good.

  8. Damn, feels bad, if it makes you feel better, gardevoir was one of my favourite Pokémon, that was before I had internet access.

  9. Oh you poor soul, yeah the internet be like that. Still love Vaporeon tho. My friends were worried when I said I wanted a Vaporeon plush lol

  10. Vaporeon is pretty good still, I’ve been trying to get all the eeveelutions as a plush, I got vaporeon about 2 weeks ago

  11. I'm jelly, this is exactly the setup I'd have if I had the space.

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