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  1. This may come off as a bit rude, but why are you playing this game to not aim?

  2. Yours looks suspicious close to mine aside from zarya, and Moira. But u have like 200+ hrs on everything

  3. Exaggeration, but yes. Impressive either way. As a fellow ana main. Why put yourself through so much pain?

  4. Grew out of it and get a nice fulfilling life and start a family (I watched DanTDM)

  5. Grow out of it and abuse literally every living thing in closest vicinity? (I watched SkyDoesMinecraft)

  6. Deleted my comment cuz after a quick search I am finding my answer lol. I knew dude was rough to be around, but yikes.

  7. I’ve said it elsewhere, but it’s basically a self-insert by somebody who clearly hates the source material. You can get the same experience from “I am not Starfire”

  8. When you say them, it's like you mean to say every Muslim is abusive. And not every Arab is Muslim, not every Muslim is Arab.

  9. This is great, I can't imagine the time and effort this takes. Well done!

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