1. Anyone else think the audio sounds like it’s in a fishbowl? Same setup on 22 was fine, this seems like there’s no bass.

  2. Further proof of different strokes for different folks. Fuck the military justice system.

  3. I was cleaning and panicked when they came in, thanks. Going with this.

  4. LOL saw that on Reddit. Not here in VA. Smh. I would not stocked up. Must cook it rare. Medium rare. I hear. Also salt, pepper only. Melts in your mouth like butta

  5. Birth doesn't matter. You just need to have transferred 1 month to a dependent and you can alter in the future. For example, you give your spouse 1 month of benefits and incur your service commitment. Even if you had a child at 19 years you can then transfer them the benefits. Additionally, you can alter the amount/take away the benefits at any time. The import thing is initiating the transfer. You do not have to wait until a child is born.

  6. It was embarrassing I had to explain this to our education office. “What child are you transferring to?” “I don’t have one yet but we will” “I’m sorry?” It was like talking to a box.

  7. A house that big and they didn't even spring for a chef's kitchen?! Get out of here

  8. Smaller house and use the money for a helipad and helicopter instead.

  9. I was thinking it was sausage at the beginning. Then at the end too. Then the last slide, I'm just confused now

  10. Not to damper your excitement about your Costco working as ID, but TSA can verify your identity without any physical proof.

  11. The screening begins as soon as you buys your ticket. Name, DOB, origin/destination, one-way etc. all factors.

  12. What broadcast service would do better? Bally’s Sports?

  13. Also the box Kramer was carrying had an actual air conditioner in it so he could actually struggle with it. Also when he smashed it into the trunk he hits his face and cuts his lip which causes Elaine to turn to jerry as she’s laughing

  14. Can’t clear my ears? Not going. Not worth blowing an eardrum and being stuck miserable somewhere.

  15. You know propaganda isn't just lies, sometimes its misrepresentation of the truth.

  16. Great. Let’s form rifle clubs then. We can call them “a well regulated militia.”

  17. This is truly a problem. How do you communicate impact and the big picture if it’s “classified.” OPSEC is super important for sure but we hamstring ourselves with over-classification. MX sees the same thing everyday, they have no clue the impact the have on successful missions. Launch jets, catch jets, rinse repeat. It’s a crushing infinite game.

  18. There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch.

  19. I don’t think it’s as much as we don’t want sex, just that it’s often added in as a selling point. Like GOT is basically just sex and violence w a little bit of a storyline. Half of the time it’s basically just porn. I enjoy porn, but it didn’t add to the story. We didn’t need to see incest for like 3 minutes.

  20. I kinda wanna see you drive by RAF Lakenheath just so I can film the ensuing heart attack and incoherent screaming that would result as soon as you saw the Tailspotters standing at the fence line with their telescopic lenses on their $1,000 cameras taking pictures of every rivet of every aircraft, reporting their movements via social media, and being encouraged to do so by the base.

  21. Plane spotters are an OPSEC problem. The B-2 strike in Libya got pieced together on spotter forums before/as it happened.

  22. As a CBJ fan, this also doesn’t upset me at all.

  23. Yeah I’d hate to see him go, but he seems more like a guy to sell high on than to sign long term. This is the type of player Cleveland excels in trading too, could bring back 2-3 core players.

  24. We are the champs at trading away Cy Young winning pitchers.

  25. There’s no such thing as “trust but verify”

  26. you can separate, join AFROTC, then commission. That's my plan.

  27. Good luck. Tried this myself but going to OTS route. Damn near impossible. Lol

  28. OTS is the first spigot to get turned off/on depending on force requirements.

  29. Is this your first day on Earth??? I get moronic opinions on every different topic all the time. I bought a full set of gym equipment just to get away from all the "you're doing it wrong" a55holes in the gym.

  30. Did you like it? I might buy and cook one someday but I feel like itd be like playing a $100 slot machine haha

  31. I hate that “American Waygu” is a marketing term now.

  32. Dude I wanna go watch and eat at Izayaka Toyo in Osaka so bad. I would probably attempt to learn Japanese if I had the opportunity to go there. Me and my wife both

  33. He was featured on a number of food shows and you gotta beat the crowd.

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