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  1. My brain read this title as 1.0 smart contract calls. Periods instead of commas looks so weird.

  2. Trust is key in this sort of trade. Without verifiable reason to trust a source it's basically a gamble in houses favor.

  3. Whenever I try to take control of a difficult trip the mushrooms seem to have a way of winning no matter what, unless xanax aborting. Aborting the trip always makes me feel bad in the end anyhow.

  4. Do you mean sometimes they just show you things/revelations that feel true but aren’t?

  5. Most of my profound revelations were good and worth keeping but in the beginning I had a lot of dumb ones after losing the fear of death. Or maybe it was just dumb integration work. I treated everything in life like it was a cosmic joke. Didn't work out well at work when the boss man is playing his serious role and I can't stop giggling at how goofy his authoritative persona was. I lost the fear of virtually everything and that made me forget how to blend in with others entirely.

  6. I REALLY relate. My experience so far has mostly been “death is beautiful.” And my trip went south because I felt things were so meaningless, and that if the end goal, If true peace is death, or at least being in the moment and accepting everything around you - what’s the point? Why not cut to the chase. I felt like there was no way I could connect to this beautiful thing I once felt and also maintain an identity, exist in this world because the beautiful thing I felt was death. It was oneness. No “I.”

  7. Absolutely spot on, I agree 👍. Death (or the feeling of) was so beautiful that it changed my perspective and outlook majorly. I find DMT more suitable to capture that freedom and oneness instantly with less risk of it having a lasting effect. Could be wrong but I've done a lot of DMT and kinda prefer it for that instant death beauty.

  8. I don't even know what to say, that's insane. You know, I think there's this whole debate about allergies being coded into the brain and it being something of a psychosomatic response. I've been tripping for a while, but pollen still fucks me up. Enjoy this strange new aspect of life!

  9. Thank you! I'm loving it so far :D Feels like a new lease on life with pizza back in!

  10. Man I fucking pray this happens to me during one of my trips. I have oral allergy syndrome, can’t eat any fresh fruits or vegetables unless they’re cooked or processed some how. It really sucks. Super happy for you my dude, I hope it’s permanent!

  11. There's some more thinking to do, continue to ponder upon what I just said and analyze the people that you don't like in life and what label would that make you. This is an innate part of human nature. Not all humans are meant to agree upon everything or get along. That's a utopian dream. If you'd like to see me in my clinic maybe we can sort out some of your psychological neurosis.

  12. And now you're cosplaying as an educated professional in the psych field. Right on cue.

  13. "I am whatever you say I am, if I wasn't then why would you say I am?" If I'm a bigot then you must really enjoy talking to bigots. What does that make you?

  14. This teacher used to single me out to embarrass me every chance she had... I was on ADHD meds that made me fall asleep sitting up (concerta). She assumed I was being disrespectful on purpose.

  15. Yeah, don't listen to that friend. Keep reading Reddit and forums. Take everything with a grain of salt, but always weight the opinions of others based on their experience and motives.

  16. For some yes and for some it would be like jumping into the ocean without knowing how to swim. Maybe learn to swim before you dive that deep

  17. Dmt because it's quick, shatters my ego and irrational fears that were keeping me stuck in life. Eliminates my depression immediately. It's what I use to prevent suicidal thoughts from continuing, it's quite effective for that purpose. I feel like enough mushrooms accomplishes the same thing but I'm not fond of the duration and bodily load. I always sober up feeling healed from either substance.

  18. A book on how to be a better son, and a letter explaining why I'm not worthy of any real presents from anyone in the family. My mom took their money and spent it on clothes for herself.... At Macy's, no sale, no coupons. Full markup prices... while we eat on EBT.

  19. Definitely one of the top 5 coolest looking mushrooms I've seen! Nice find!

  20. It made me sad watching this. I would understand taking 3-4 instead of 1, but dumping the whole bowl is more like stealing.

  21. The concept of sharing is difficult to comprehend as a young child, especially if an only child.

  22. I'm new but just a guess - with so many pins forming simultaneously I'd expect a slower grow cycle than a less dense pinset. They're all competing for the same resources to grow tall.

  23. That setup looks awesome! I cant wait to outgrow my monotubs into a full tent setup like yours.

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