1. It was one of the best set lists I have seen from them at Blossom in years! To close with two step was just crazy. What a good time, great company, great buzz, great music. BR Super Sour Orange cart went with the 92 cookies flower I enjoyed.

  2. The show was insane. Blossom always has an incredible energy. 2 step was off the charts 👏

  3. It's pretty good but not really a fan of the smell or taste..

  4. I one billion percent agree with you. It smells like earth. I was hoping for some fire

  5. Whats it smell like if you had to describe it? Fruity? Piney? Skunky? Rotten Fruit? Cheesy? Whats the scoop broseph?

  6. One billion percent. My last batch of Robots and Animal Face were trash

  7. Thank you for saying this. Everyone was bugging out about it I'm over here like meh

  8. Sorry but the Josh D OG is overrated imo. Ice cream cake, lemon slushie and jealousy are fire. The catfish is weird af but will send you to the moon

  9. Maybe I'm crazy but the batch I picked up smells like fresh cut lawn (shit)

  10. It is way too overhyped and it don’t even smoke like what it should for 55$+ an eighth

  11. Super 🔥 📛 it's a Dave Chappelle, Michigan thing. Chappelle tells a story about smoking rapper bud in MI before he went on stage

  12. Same. Bought all my local dispensary had. Edit. Someone on here told me gazzzungas (spelling) is the same strain, but I have not tried it

  13. Gazzungas is definitely not the same strain. It's got more of a candy grape flavor. You can catch hints of runtz.

  14. I can't count how many purchases I've made the past year that were extremely disappointing. We pay higher prices for less product that we can't see or smell before purchase. Complete bullshit but hey it's Ohio and we always find a way to fuck things up!

  15. Wooo, where’d you get this? Been waiting for this

  16. It's some of my favorite flower. Delicious and the high is fantastic

  17. I had G13 20 years ago in downtown Akron. The fact that I remember that strain from 20 years ago says enough

  18. I also had some from Akron years ago. Still to this day it's my favorite flower

  19. The sneak peak was trash but the last 2-3 batches have been fire. Imo has a very grape (runtz) gas smell and taste

  20. The new jealousy from klutch is fire. Their ice cream cake is a favorite. And sherbhead. Klutch is the most consistent there is. Woodward has the most quality and the closest to top tier there is but they're limited in what they can do.

  21. The jealousy is fire. The last few batches of lemon slushie have been insanely good. Woodward Animal Face is straight gas

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