1. glad someone noticed my main man, he didnt wanna be in the picture cause hes shy

  2. Think about it. If you used gasoline in your grill, it would burn everything to a crisp, you'd lose your dinner, and put yourself at risk. There's no need to use anything but charcoal or propane.

  3. You sound like the most city person I’ve ever met in my whole life good lord. And nobody needs your metaphors. We’re trying to have a good time on New Years with our family’s

  4. I'm Columbia born and raised. And either you're one family setting all those rockets off which is comically illegal, or you're just another bystander with an opinion to like it just like the many others with the opinion that it's excessive and harmful, only with actual evidence to the fact. Take your pick.

  5. Karen moment for sure but whatever. Also don’t have to be announcing Columbia born and raised, ain’t nothing special about this place

  6. Should have used a quick ball. I found a shjny Riachu in Area Zero and wasted ten ultra balls. Had to run and come back into the battle to use a quick ball to catch the little thing

  7. Stick it in a gym and let it annoy everybody else as they attempt to take it out

  8. Being 13 and thinking that would be funny?

  9. Mr. Knight-not saying this because it’s I’m the pic saying it because I always went really hard with it

  10. Yup, cuz you got great taste like my friend. She bought it the MOMENT she saw it!

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