1. A psych ward is not a vacation it's a place to get stable an I was in a place an it was extremely scary for me it's not a getaway I would talk to a professional an see what they say cause you have to hit certain points to go into the hospital for mental health please talk to a professional they might be able to help they would be a lot better than us to determine if the psych ward is the right fit

  2. I was being sarcastic and not trying to make it sound as serious as it is bc turning everything to a joke is how I cope lmao

  3. I didn't understand that I took it literally I don't know the difference an it is a very serious thing talking from someone with experience there it just hit home too hard

  4. I’ve been there twice for the same thing su1c1dal attempts and thoughts and I believe I’m burnt out and that’s the only way I can actually rest and focus on my mental health

  5. Well, my mom says I'm a hypochondriac too, but that was both before and after we went to test for my autism.

  6. See I haven’t blatantly asked anyone but my fiancé always talks about the same issues over and over that also align with the symptoms of autism and adhd that I struggle with. Also my therapist agrees with me that I should get tested.

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