1. like can we talk about it? the way this sub has been remaining so damn loyal especially after season 5, and now the stupid ass royal game hasn’t been updated in 2 weeks.. what are we doing right now…..

  2. if ur on the rahim route he basically never couples up with jo. so i don’t get how ppl on this sub keep saying he’s most likely to abandon mc. (not saying ur one of those ppl. just a passionate rahim stan)

  3. but in a way ur right. the whole jo and shannon thing along with his comment of “finally taking a chance on true love.” hurts

  4. Honestly, Jake and Rohan have more chemistry together than most couples across all season of Love Island.

  5. Saying you coupled with someone else because you wanted a "real connection" definitely sounds like a last thought to me.

  6. but he literally chooses u if ur on his route. he doesn’t even couple up with jo in that route. when is he leaving? 😭 shannon? same as noah who switches for blake.

  7. Probably because his head turns faster than a swivel chair. Another girl could have walked in the villa and if he found them interesting he would have dumped MC or another partner, again.

  8. it’s literally love island. he always chooses mc in the end anyway if ur on his route.

  9. WAITTT i don’t have the bikini outfit as an option!! how did u get it??

  10. i view the wardrobe in chelsea’s murder mystery, buy them, then they appear in the s2 game lol!

  11. i always pick this option. he needs to tell someone to back off and someone he want em

  12. tbh Camilo and Tai are the only decent men in s3. choosing Harry and Bill feels illegal, they really do look underage

  13. LOL what reasons to ppl have to hate thabi and gen. people i swear.. ur so real for this. don’t let them tell u otherwise

  14. i snogged the hell out of bobby bc we’re in a couple and the girls got mad at me because the game thinks bobby is someone else’s partner. so i’m being accused of being a snake here.

  15. Sorry but Suresh doesn't deserve redemption, same as other characters in S5.

  16. i think it’s the fact that he was the literal theme of the season, hence he should’ve been the most developed character. he started off very messy but, and i’ll speak for myself, i expected so much more from him. i expected this huge redemption and i expected misunderstandings just like gabi thinking the engagement ring was for her, and we got NONE of it. yes he’s a shitty character but he shouldn’t have been.

  17. RAHIM!!!!!!!!! he is the SWEETEST. i swear if y’all gave him a chance u will love him

  18. his pose with the angry expression is such a goofy combo

  19. It hurts doesn't it? I love it when players get played they try to justify their own shitty actions😂💀

  20. that’s exactly what this felt like. i don’t get why mason thought this was a good thing to say? like.. wdym ur the player? and now ur mad that u got played? huh?

  21. Liam is so hotttt, idk why he’s not a more popular LI? I love his character arc from not wanting anything serious to “if mc leaves I’m leaving with her” it’s so sweet. I have no doubt that he will come back to me and that this is all orchestrated by bubblegum bitch

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