1. Say what you want about the Nazis. They had the nicest of uniforms.

  2. I mean you’re not really trying either. It’s PCM. I don’t expect effort but occasionally it’s nice to see.

  3. I love you guys. Everyone who is flared and participates in discussions here is based.

  4. There are a lot of ways to prevent pregnancies which are not abortions. My sister is pro life, she got her own share of action throughout her life and she never once got pregnant.

  5. It may come down to education I think... And some luck. But mostly education in not having an unwanted pregnancy.

  6. It's one of my favourite legendaries. But I actually dislike the artwork once they left the 2d sprites. The 2d sprites of Lugia were great. Now it looks unimaginative imo.

  7. I sooner cuddle a Turd. That's for sure.

  8. Well you are auth left. I assume love is "our love" so... Sure?

  9. I also said tyranny. Easily one of the best arpgs ever.

  10. Tyranny. I loved how it ended, especially if you sided with the rebels. But man I wanted it to go further. Also the magic system is the best I've ever used, ever.

  11. Xbox game pass could be pretty awesome and have some value if one subscription covered Android, PC and XBOX software

  12. That actually sounds really awesome.

  13. Be careful. Primal Dialga is there and he will use time travel abilities to bring paradox pokemon from the past and future (depends on version) to try and kill you. Sorry for spoilers

  14. Giving me PLA flashbacks where those things legitimately tried to kill you. (One of the best parts of the entire Pokemon franchise imo)

  15. Unironically you're right. Can't believe I messed that up

  16. I play chaos knights. Literally giant robots decorated by dead bodies. It’s lgbt inclusive because my engines kill straight people yoo

  17. Is it inclusive if you just kill anyone? Regardless of race, sexual orientations, gender or belief?

  18. Actually would be a pretty lit colour palate

  19. Kramer is the based universal constant.

  20. While this is an absolutely horrible thing to happen to a woman it is also in the vast VAST minority of cases of abortions. Whether or not you oppose or support abortions, people tend to use this argument. I feel like other arguments would be better like the mother's health? can they care for the baby with their money? Why don't people wear condoms? How do people wear condoms? Is the baby disabled? Etc....

  21. Such an excellent game. I do recommend new players to find some tutorials and watch them. And not to put you off I ended up watching about 5 hours of tutorials which helped a great deal. I still haven't even come close to understanding the game but oh boy is it fun

  22. I would buy this. And play it. Play it to the max.

  23. I personally don't mind them. Considering the original Firbolgs were just giant Irish people, the slightly bovine features contributes to making them feel unique compared to Goliaths or even just big humans.

  24. Giants are a lore thing to Ireland and Scotland (hence the Giant's causeway) and I'm sure other races do have them in their lore too. That said, I like bovine feature as it does make it seem more western European to me.

  25. I used the culture to destroy the culture

  26. I'm actually spectating to see if they will destroy themselves. I think they're on the way to but more time will tell.

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