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I needed this today

  1. I like 1 FF song. Rope. And yes my nose is up as a music snob.

  2. I know people who proudly wear that on a t shirt now.

  3. Can we just ignore this and just live in the moment please? He may leave again and no one wants to thing about it….just enjoy what we have now

  4. If he does leave,I could see there being a second josh stint. To be honest, i see them being a band like the Rolling stones and touring and making music well into their 70s they definitely have the energy for it. If john leaves this time its more than likely that he had to get the "rock music" out of his system. It would get more exposure with RHCP than it would if he released it solo.

  5. Honesty, I don’t see John letting that happen to his legacy now. If he tells the band he wants to leave and they say they are going to continue again, he’ll just stay and wait it out. Or… the guys will agree and hang it up.

  6. If RHCP covers just 1 Led Zeppelin song I’ll be happy.

  7. I didn’t realize people actually liked the foo fighters. To me every one of their songs sound the same

  8. never been into them either. and I've made attempts. seen em live a couple times. still can't call myself a fan... but who cares what I think?

  9. thankfully I had to scroll far to find this

  10. not so lil, but I support her balling out.

  11. Her temper makes her. She not going to let nobody punk her.

  12. I can vibe with a temper, but she gets herself in trouble, like whipping the ball at someone's arm maybe 8 minutes ago.

  13. There could be a mathematical necessary loss to another team in between the 8 game loss and 8 game win streak for either team you mention, guaranteeing the Aces would still stay in a playoff position with all losses due to someone else still not overtaking them, even if Atlanta caught up.

  14. Tenet had one of the best / most memorable scores in recent memory imo.

  15. Tenet was one of my more favorable movies out of the covid-busted 2020. The score wasn't bad, but since Zimmer was brought up, Inception and Interstellar each had better scores than Dunkirk, with Interstellar maybe being the best single movie score in the last 35 years.

  16. Halfway though neon Indian “polish girl.” I’m in awe. This is great. Thanks.

  17. Haven’t heard of any!! Will check them out tomorrow! Thanks.

  18. oof. i haven't read Flea's book yet but his relationship with Anthony sounds really tough.

  19. Can’t imagine being John during BSSM with Anthony like this and being like 6-7 years older in their 20s.

  20. this too annoys me. literally only Flea has called UL a double-album and he's done it multiple times. sure, 17 songs is long, and it takes 2 vinyl, but SA needed 4 vinyl and that was 28 songs and they called it a double album for the start.

  21. Gee, Julie Allemand getting trucked down in every made drive. 84-80 Chicago with 3:01 left in the 4th - Dallas timeout.

  22. This was like the first time in her career that the Sky asked her to provide an elevated role. I think it was nerves and that other than some defensive blunders, she contributed to the team very necessarily.

  23. Always saw John Frusciante as kind of the modern David Gilmour when it comes to soloing. Hardly ever seems out of the box complicated. But the expression is through the roof.

  24. Hit or miss. Sir Psycho Sexy sounds like it was written by a 14 year old virgin.

  25. I just wait for the lyrics to end on that one.

  26. I was looking for this comment because anytime there is a thread about overrated musicians, it’s always Anthony. He is an ultra talented performer and his lyrics, while often nonsensical, are funky as fuck, especially during BSSM and Californication eras. He is underrated and misunderstood.

  27. I prefer the nonsensical. I listen to music for the sounds, which include vocals, but not always for the message in the actual words. Anthony is definitely a master at that. Make it sound cool, does t always have to be gibberish, and sometimes you’ll hit a homer:

  28. This is the “John” that I always try and connect to the John today, at least physically in his face, and sometimes it is hard to do.

  29. Yeah the physical resemblance is just hardly there. He is more like the cousin of the later fruaciante. Super weird and my brain can't believe it's the same person.

  30. It’s like there’s pre-Slane and then post-Slane John.

  31. I thinks its actually common for weed to inhibit dreams or at least the short term memory of them, which would make sense.

  32. It’s absolutely a real thing, if you’ve been even casually smoking daily for an extended period, those first couple weed-less nights can get freaky deaky.

  33. i was feeling more like it was the closest option to sad, though he don't look it, but for me :)

  34. I liked reddit better before it was so popular, and you conspiracy nutters were still, well, wherever the fuck you were before here.

  35. I mean, Reddit is just more social media at its worst.

  36. He’s probably saving a lot of money now that he can’t buy tickets to the Lolita express.

  37. What makes her problematic? Now I'm curious lol. I remember watching the H3 podcast when she was on, and she talked about growing up in the Philippines and she had to work on a farm with her family and everyone was like oh poor Bella she's had such a hard life.. I don't think working on a farm with your parents is a hard life and I kind of rolled my eyes at everyone feeling bad for her but that's the extent of my knowledge of her.

  38. Lmao my bad. Been out of the NBA loop since the Knicks traded Melo

  39. Been out since the Knicks had Jon Starks.

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