1. After reading this article, I had to look up more about Galieva, and the first thing I see on her Wikipedia page is she has a daughter named Tatyana which I found odd.

  2. She's also been vocally anti-Ukraine on Facebook. Yulia Kut told her to "be like your warship and fuck off."

  3. You simply can't compare situations here and there.

  4. Navalny is one of the most dangerous politicians in the world right now. Kamil Galeev who is the best political pundit there is on Eastern European affairs openly hates his guts. Besides the problematic position that Navalny is against the return of Crimea to Ukraine, Galeev has pointed out that so far Navalny’s political career is virtually identical to the early years of Belarus’ Lukashenko back when he was an anti corruption opposition figure.

  5. Johnny Football's almost a poster boy for this.

  6. Arguably, that was the second to last group, and the last group who looked for a "wonder weapon"

  7. The Americans didn’t look for a wonder weapon. They were so rich and powerful they had the ability to fund every project imaginable without sacrificing with budget cuts elsewhere. In an era where there was a debate over battleships vs aircraft carriers, the USA said “fuck it” and built a superclass quartet of battleships while simultaneously building the largest aircraft carrier fleet in the world.

  8. This is Saban using the media to tell the red elephant club that what they’ve been doing isn’t enough.

  9. Reminds me of that Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert segment where they mocked Super-pacs "not allowed to coordinate with each other" but they can give each other instructions via statements to the media.

  10. I'll believe it when I see it. Although I do agree that public opinion is a factor here. That news that came out about Watson admitting the the massage therapist cried was plastered all over the media. He's got more hearings throughout June and the cascade of news coming from those is probably going to look bad.

  11. Damn he got third in the competition and first place was a Ukrainian gymnast. Bitter much?

  12. 2nd place went to a gymnast from Kazakhstan who lives in Kyiv and is engaged to Ukraine’s #1 ranked Olympic gymnast on the women’s side.

  13. People currently cannot grasp how big this is. It is insane.

  14. Just look at a map and see how big Finland & Sweden are compared to Poland + Baltics

  15. I know I went a bit against the grain on this.

  16. If it were anyone else, you’d be correct. But Putin’s the exception.

  17. Correct me if I'm wrong, but after the Moskva was sunk by Neptune cruise missiles, the other Russian ships backed off into safe waters. So if Ukraine takes Snake Island and installs Neptunes there, won't they cut off even more of the Black Sea?

  18. Snake Island is a geographic outlier that’s off the coast of Romania. It used to be a Romanian island before the Soviets took control of it and gave it to Ukraine in the aftermath of WWII. It’s not geographically beneficial for either side unless Russia needs a staging point for attacking Odessa.

  19. Chuso has two major pro-Ukraine advocates within her inner circle. It is absolutely inexcusable that she has these views when she has people to give her the proper context of Putin’s invasion.

  20. How'd you go about choosing the pictures for each country?

  21. Picked their best athletes (current) in the most successful summer sport. If not then a relevant enough photo where the athlete can be seen after I overlay it on the map.

  22. What software did you use? I'd really like to try making one like it because I love the Olympic sports.

  23. Also, while the Russians are fighting with equipment that barely works, NATO's military supplies have only become more sophisticated. Ukraine is better equipped to kill Russians now than when this began, showing the inevitability of Russia's defeat. If your enemy is getting stronger while you are getting weaker, that's the definition of losing. I wonder what Putin's plan is - just keep sending your guys to the slaughter? To what end? It's over.

  24. Russia's army gets smaller each day because they can't bring in new soldiers due to logistical logjam and can't build new units because of sanctions.

  25. Given the war has been going on for 73 days so far, that would mean on average ~344 russian soldiers have been killed PER DAY.

  26. The Anglo-Japanese alliance lasted from 1902-1921. The United States commissioned its first oil battleship in 1916 with a couple of years after that spanning the conversion of the rest of the fleet. America’s second newest class of battleships circa 1916 took until 1926 to be converted to oil.

  27. This part of the thread was discussing the time when the alliance was breaking down.

  28. It's not even their fault. Paterno tried to start a northeast football conference before the Big East became a thing, but the other schools turned it down.

  29. Well done Lavrov. A neutral country turning against you because of your insane denaZification lies. What a fucking genius.

  30. I thought they couldn't get any dumber than their constantly threatening Ireland, the country that's closest to joining NATO without a political majority advocating for membership, but here we are....

  31. For reference, 100 megatons is completely nonsensical. The Soviets discarded the 100Mt project because it was incredibly useless, wasteful, and unstable. Such a warhead was never tested, the maximum they did was 50Mt and as mentioned that became pretty nonsensical. A conventional ICBM warhead has like 5-10Mt and a submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM) around 0.1 to 0.5 Mt. Hiroshima meanwhile was 0.015 Mt and Nagasaki 0.02.

  32. If I recall the story correctly when Soviet politicians asked for 100Mt Soviet scientists responded by pointing out 50Mt was the absolute limit in Earth’s atmosphere because anything larger would be affected by outer space and would be a waste of whatever resources it took you to build a supersized bomb. 50Mt gets you the same size cloud as 100Mt. That’s how they talked Soviet leadership out of the 100Mt proposal.

  33. This raises an interesting point; Putin is being exposed as being militarily weak. All the strong men that he supports or encourages around the world are looking around feeling suddenly a lot less protected. It's going to change their calculus, if Putin offers no real military strength other than Nukes, alignment with China or coming to terms with "the west" is going to look at lot more appealing.

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