1. Good post. Let's see some cz scorpion mag lowers with pic rail on the back for braces!

  2. AWCY? has an AR lower that takes scorpion mags but it requires bolt modifications. Not sure how this bolt would out of the box.

  3. Please no more! I already have a scorp and far too many mags! Working on an ARK with scorp mags and a DMB drum with a scorp tower. I can't afford another thing that takes my scorp mags.

  4. You can find it on the strange ocean with the AWCY? DB9 file set. File name is "DB9 Ergo Grip"

  5. What filament and temperature? That's what I've been mostly playing around with.

  6. What is your "go to" that doesn't fit?

  7. This seems to be a very common problem. I have this issue. Were you using AMS? My roll is in slot 2 and it always happens. I will go mess with the lever from the bottom of the chute.

  8. AMS slot 1. I really think it was due to a clog from going too fast and not increasing the temps of the generic PETG profile. I just had 2 successful 5 hour prints at 100mm/s with the temp to 270.

  9. I had this same issue.. and to this day I don't know what it is.. hahaha.. Someone else want to chime in?

  10. I figured it out. There is a vertical lever on the left side that is meant to be pushed in. I had a clog due to going too fast and not enough heat. Eventually, I had the hotend apart and removed the clog thanks to the official wiki/support docs (and support team for answering my ails so quickly).

  11. I had to hotspot my phone to the printer and try multiple times, close the app, restart the printer until it worked. I eventually got my 2.4ghz network in range and it's been mostly fine since.

  12. ELI5? Is Allthreads a product or are you just saying to put threads in everything?

  13. Just what FOSSCAD needs, centralized micromanagement /s

  14. I did the same lower with a 4 inch barrel but I like your proto pasta galaxy black(?).

  15. It’s on my Odysee it’s called space cowboy grip

  16. Just had to stop by and say your shit is so dope. I hope you get to put your magic on everything.

  17. Any tips on where to get a barrel? Few places I've seen are all over $200 but I'm not sure if that's normal or not.

  18. AWCY has an AR lower pack that has a bunch of different variants for all sorts of mags.

  19. Depends on how hard / thick the metal is. 3D printed press brakes are definitely a thing

  20. Yeah, but you really have to beat the living piss out of the mup. But if you have a pressbrake then you can use that to beat the shit out of the mup I guess.

  21. Buy drillbits from AB prototype and don't be a dummy like me and not listen to the person who told you this originally.

  22. This turd nugget likes to post his cool ass lower all the time and not give us the files. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

  23. Open to builders outside of AWCY. Seems pretty easy to understand to me. Files will be public once the open beta is done.

  24. I wouldn't try to attach anything to the actual trigger bar like empire cadz once suggested. I think the way forward is to attach "something" to where the trigger bar pins into the actual trigger. That way you don't mess with the stock trigger assembly and are just making a really long thing that hooks into where the trigger was. Hope that makes sense.

  25. I have the files but never started. Keep us posted on your progress.

  26. Excellent work! I've had the idea to create a hard silicone mold for annealing but it looks like it would suffer the same consequences. Keep us posted on your testing.

  27. I've got some cf pla but its Priline - my roll is badly undersized and barley runs in flexable mode on my lgx lite. I am waiting on my roll of glass filed zytel to play with first. I may do a second lpk and rails so I can swap my slide around for testing but my duramic pla+ 19.3 frame is 500 rounds deep with no signs of stress. So temp resistance is my only goal with the zytel.

  28. I think glock frame would be a better test. Lowers are a little more forgiving.

  29. Get some lightweight fiberglass cloth and add some epoxy resin for extra goodness.

  30. I ordered a surfboard repair kit to do some testing. Great minds think alike.

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