1. I had been manifesting him for a long time and I stopped doing everything since July. He wants to meet me now, telling me he wants me, but I'll be honest I don't believe a word he said and I still afraid of the 3p even though I worked on my SC, that's why I have someone else totally in love with me and willing to give me the world now. I just couldn't change my beliefs about him after 2 years of cheating so I let go of him to live my own life. Should I meet him and see what happens, or just let it go because I still see him as a bad person ?

  2. My ex fiancé of 5 years and I broke up 4 months ago due to his lying, cheating, and abusive behavior. I was DONE. I moved out, I separated all of our accounts together, I blocked him everywhere. He begged for another chance to change and I stupidly believed him. Within a week he started doing the same bullshit and I set a boundary. I told him to think about my boundaries and if he believed he could respect them, we could work through the bullshit. He ghosted me. It’s been 3 months since I’ve heard from him. Fuck him. It’s been hard but I’m starting to feel better little by little. I’m working really hard to be the best ME. Thanks for this.

  3. You're not alone. Fuck him. Fuck all those cowards who have the audacity to cheat on someone

  4. Hey, it doesn't matter how you do the techniques. The important thing is to feel the feeling of having your manifestation.

  5. I didn't expect anything to manifest and I was kinda giving up on my SP. He texted me out of blue one day after months of NC, telling me all the things I want, I thought my manifestation finally came but no, he ghosted me the next day and I haven't heard anything from him since then. I'm sorry but what the f is that ? It hurts like hell and I wish he didn't text me at all. Now I'm at a really low space, I don't want to do anything to manifest him anymore but I still have the desire to be with him. What should I do now ?

  6. The thing is — Once you receive said manifestation, no matter what it is, you’ve gotta continue working for it. Basically what that means is, Did you have an underlying fear our doubt that this would happen?

  7. Thank you. I actually didn't manifest a text, I had been manifesting a relationship with him by doing SATs with the marriage scene. But since I was aware of my underlying fears, I didn't expect a text or anything from him at that moment, so I got confused after receiving that text then being ghosted the next day

  8. I'm done with all the techniques to get into state of being in a relationship with my SP. I still want him, I haven't reached the Sabbath, but I can't visualize, I don't want to say any affirmation, nothing at all. I don't know what to do so I can manifest him. It has been like this for months, hope I can have some advised

  9. This made my day. I'm forcing myself to let go cause I have to focus on my life at this time. It hurts but I have to, after spending so much time on him. Maybe someday I'll write my own success story

  10. Thank you for this, it's really helpful. I wonder if I could message you to ask something if I'm not your client.

  11. What should I do when I truly burned out ? I can't even bother say a affirmation, switch a thought or visualize anything while still having that burning desire to manifest my SP. I took 3 months break and still feel like that

  12. New account so I hope my question won't be deleted I have an SP and I was able to manifest him 2 times before, but he didn't stop cheating so I cut off all contacts with him few months ago to focus on myself. I still love him though, I've been manifesting him since then but I got burned out maybe a month ago. I stopped doing every manifesting techniques and accepted that I lost him. Now there's a guy who is interested in me, he treats me well but I only feel annoyed because I realize I still deeply in love with my SP. I don't even know what to do now, to start manifesting him all over again or let everything go.

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