1. It almost feels like the author can choose between two genre conventions: TSTL heroine or badass heroine.

  2. i enjoy a lot of things about lucy score's books, but the tokenism and racial stereotypes with side characters make me really uncomfortable. i appreciate the attempt to work some diversity in, but so much of the way she goes about it gets under my skin. i've noticed it particularly in the benevolence series, i'm not as familiar with her other books aside from the blue moon series.

  3. Tamsen Parker writes phenomenal, realistic BDSM romance and her book For Her Own Good incorporates Daddy kink and a touch of age play - her books are mostly non-toxic but do incorporate some taboo-ish themes (FHOG is doctor/ex-patient, she also has a teacher/student where they reconnect as adults and the ex-student is the dom, and she has a guardian/ward one - the guardian/ward is the only semi-toxic book by her I’ve read).

  4. Thank you so much for this! Especially telling me the TW some have. I really appreciate it

  5. Already mentioned, but I truly loathe Caleb from Fight or Flight by Samantha Young so fucking much. He was not only an absolute asshole to the fmc Ava, who had gone through so much, but he also literally

  6. I have a question, Does it Corrupted Chaos take place after Fractured Freedom? Cuz I just started reading Corrupted Chaos and I’m so confused

  7. Honestly tell the ones pressuring you to fuck off, mind their own damn business and that they’re not invited to the wedding either cause someone might try to sneak your mom in. Yeah she was sick and her getting better and “turning her life around” doesn’t justify the abuse she did in my opinion.

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