AITA for not giving my son a bath

*Lowers face into palm*

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  1. A couple of my comm buddies that transferred regret it for different reasons. One literally just wants to return to Japan and the AF has more opportunity for him to do so. The other is in a single cyber billet within a space unit and feels underappreciated and underutilized by his command team.

  2. I’m sorry. Maybe message whoever is in charge over there to see if he can swap ? That’s what one of our guys did.

  3. Why no one asked if that's proprietary?? I mean it will be knocked off tomorrow already

  4. This isn’t unique and they didn’t invent it. I bought a toy like this at Disney like 10 years ago. It tangles easily too.

  5. He's got "cop a feel syndrome" (or something like that) which means he's missing a number of vertebra or some are fused together.

  6. I never heard of that before but it makes sense. My former FIL and him are basically the same person and he did lose mobility in his neck after an accident

  7. Everybody should’ve walked tf out. He trashes people when he’s drunk and comes back the next day like nothing happened and thinking it’s all kumbaya. Nah, he would’ve gotten the business before he took a squat on that helpless chair.

  8. I’ve been soooo nice and they’re just talking to me like it’s not their problem that I didn’t get any of my stuff. One email was like “sorry you didn’t like your replacement item,” and I seriously was wondering like is anyone even reading these?? Because I never had a replacement item, I just got all wrong items and was missing half my bag.

  9. Sometimes you have to complain to multiple people. It’s sucks … they have the worst customer service!

  10. My mom didn't even raise me, my grandma did. I wasn't planing on getting pregnant when I did nor with who I did. If you think I'm an AH you'd think his father was the devil, I wouldn't even trust him with an animal.

  11. And it looks like you’re continuing your mothers trend by not raising your own child. Break the trend and start being involved in your child’s life. As a parent your child’s health and well-being should come first.

  12. He is, about $70 a week, which goes towards his training pants as I'm struggling to get him to pee like a big boy, and foods he'll actually eat and are able to get himself since it's hard for my grandma to move and my mom usually sits in her room reading until it's time to get the twins

  13. Spoke to my Commander. He basically said, "Congress told us 12 weeks - just send me an updated DA31 for 42 more days. We're not waiting on HQDA"

  14. I was hoping for that or since the NDAA was signed. My son was born in November. So now I'm going back to work next week instead of February.

  15. I get it if there are complications, but for a normal birth that women have been doing since the beginning of time it doesn't take months for them to heal enough to be able to function on there own. Women are much stronger then that.

  16. Unless you’ve been a pregnant woman you don’t get to speak for us. Every situation is different.

  17. why must it always take our leaders sooo incredibly long to implement such obviously beneficial changes???

  18. It's not really that hard. 3 months is more than enough time to heal up and get a good routine going. Unless there are complications of course.

  19. Spoken like someone whose never pushed a baby out or been cut open. Recovery from childbirth can take years fyi

  20. No it doesn't. Maybe certain things never go back to what they were pre pregnancy, but as far as wounds healing it doesn't take years. Don't over exaggerate.

  21. Can take up to a year * yes it can. Especially if you had a fourth degree tear, PPD/PPS, diastasis recti, and sometimes your pelvic floor doesn’t recover. Etc.

  22. YTA. That leave is to bond with the baby and take care of your wife. You’ll be new parents and you have no clue how demanding a newborn is. You also have no clue how your wife will handle having a baby.

  23. I might be the minority on this, but I feel like there should be some time given to members who decide not to have any kids. Since we are all on the same salary as our peers but because of their life decisions they get more time off.

  24. I hope someday you understand that having a newborn isn’t a vacation. I have a newborn and my job is way easier than breastfeeding every 2-3 hours with practically zero sleep.

  25. “Effective Date. The parental leave described in this DTM applies to a member when any one of these events occurs on or after December 27, 2022: the birth of a member’s child, adoption of a minor child by the member, or placement of a minor child with the member for adoption or long-term foster care.”

  26. If you haven’t used it yet it sounds like you get 12 weeks. I hope people who have used their 3-6 weeks get the additional weeks.

  27. In a relationship but not married, no kids, some pets.

  28. YWBTA if you don’t leave him and get your son away from him. Your son is more important than the loser you’re married to.

  29. To be fair when you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship it’s really hard to leave.

  30. As a CC I'm well within my authority to make your home your alternate duty location for the extra four weeks of leave I should be giving you.

  31. You don't run out of eggs though, there are like 400000 of them. It's not running out of eggs that causes infertility

  32. You can indeed run out of eggs. Why do you think women get menopause?? Why else do women freeze their eggs?

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