1. The world today needs some married with children.

  2. Man, his first game was fantastic. He had 80 yards or so and looked fantastic. Fell off a cliff after that.

  3. We got ourselves a group at WR now.

  4. The fans care more about Watsons discretions than any of the players. That's how it always is.

  5. Reddit in general does. Reddit is a cult in itself. Never consider the Reddit take on things to be what the general population thinks about anything.

  6. Not with that attitude there isn’t.

  7. I heard that 90% of Canadians have massed on the American border in preparation for an attack.

  8. Agents are absolutely loving this show.

  9. Haha. Just bamboozles. Fooled you all!

  10. Lamar is an incredible athlete, but there is this weird phenomenon where sometimes people who are really good at one thing seem to start assuming that they are really good at everything

  11. You should clean up that water human.

  12. The Peyton Hillis salsa they sold at Giant Eagle was pretty good.

  13. “Big Science” the age old tactic of how something is bad if you put the word “big” in front of it.

  14. Only magic cats love it though. Non-magic cats think it’s just ok.

  15. In similar news, Salvation Army now starts giving Jeff Bezos cash donations.

  16. Can we just agree as a planet (with the exception of China) to start calling it the East Vietnam Sea, West Phillipines Sea, North Brunei Sea, or Southwest Taiwan Sea?

  17. When did WSB become filled with regular Reddit pusssies like this?

  18. Solid locker room presence, too, a real team-first kinda guy.

  19. Yeah that’s not a requirement here.

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