1. Tell your insurance company CT Transit has video of it, they'll track it down

  2. Back in the day the tv show "This Old House" had a website with unmoderated message boards and constant flame wars. Good times, good times

  3. Yeah, need to deliver every artifact older than 1537 and coins older than 1650. That is because artifacts that old is Norwegian governments property and every Norwegian should get to see them and to protect them from being sold. If i was to sold it and someone found out i would get prison time. They would see it as stealing. Thank you! I love this hobby!

  4. Do they give you any financial compensation for the item, or just credit for its discovery?

  5. I think in the Johnny Cash episode it is really underplayed or forgotten that his character has a habit of sleeping with underage girls and was stealing money from the charity/church they were singing for.

  6. Yeah, even Cash's wife was scummy, she made for a pretty unsympathetic victim

  7. That might as well be a map of the population centers - everyone on that map is screwed

  8. Unless he's willing to leave if asked, if she just wants him to leave, contact a lawyer and start eviction. She can also sell it with him there as a month-to-month tenant and let the new owner evict him, but any potential buyer would likely reduce their sales offer to offset the effort of evicting him.

  9. I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear. She’s keeping her house, we don’t know what she can legally do with his stuff that’s been left behind for almost 6 years at this point. I’m going to edit the post and clarify that. My bad

  10. After a certain point he will have been deemed to abandoned the stuff and she can do whatever she wants with it. You can probably get more specific info on if you Google something like "how long before personal property is considered abandoned in Connecticut" or something similar. Good luck!

  11. Yeah, I hear a lot of the weather. Looking forward to visiting in the summer to check it out. Where are some places of interest?

  12. If you like baseball, Hartford a minor league baseball team called the Yard Goats and UCONN sports is big here.

  13. I suspect that whatever China is looking for with this ballon, is what the US is refusing to show them by not shooting it down.

  14. Because this guy's "friend" has them all in his basement doing porn

  15. People are acting as if the Pentagon is pissing in their pants over this for some reason. If they're not shooting it down, then it's due to some strategical reason that they're simply not going to share with us. They know where it is, reports say they've tracked it since it was launched, and they can intercept and destroy it any time they want.

  16. At the 1st store the employee tricked him into going outside, then they just locked him out, and at the 2nd store they just gave him $20 for the effort.

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