1. Yep, you’re very lucky. The Revan flashpoints have a few unique mounts like this one. Their drops are exceedingly rare, especially on solo.

  2. We need more Polesabers/pikes/spears like the tythian one and zakuul ones change my mind

  3. i use uhmm the nvidia add on that can add filters to em. ty. but yes, polearms are uhmazing.

  4. No. You can't exchange them directly, and the price of an item on the GTN bears very little relation to its price on the Cartel Market, so there's nothing there to track.

  5. ahh now it makes sense :) thanks.

  6. That would be pretty tough since there's no direct way to change one into the other. CC has a variable credit value depending on what you spend it on. Packs tend to have a lower credit:CC ratio than the popular dyes, for example.

  7. well i guess specifically uhh...those hypercrates, 1 of them should go for about?

  8. Republic has nothing but the worst class stories

  9. trooper story was fun imo :(

  10. Why did you take C2-N2 with you? He told you he's not suitable for combat!!

  11. i didn't have a choice ;_; he walked into the cut scene.

  12. You received them when you reached 100k Conquest points. They come as a mission reward. If you do not remember receiving them then it is likely that you accepted them without even noticing as they often come after completing a mission.

  13. the gyazo says 200 commendations, but i only have 5 in my currency pouch.

  14. As stated above, if you were not level 80 when you received your Conquest rewards then those are not the rewards you would have received. Conquest rewards change based upon the character's level, and that window will update to show the rewards appropriate to that level even if they are not the rewards that you received.

  15. hmm i see, that might have happened....yeah support got to me said i hit the 100k at lvl 72, so i have 400 or 500 in excess? Or it doesnt roll over?

  16. Endgame gear isn't purchased for credits. Well, not the baseline anyway.

  17. thank you kindly :) <3 do you per chance know if im a solo player, would i even need "end game gear" i kinda just enjoy doing story and exploration. So from what i'm understanding, i should just do conquests for my gear yuh? Also regarding the SM anomaly, do i need a certain gear lvl to start queing for those? since its story mode can i solo it ? or would i have to find a group?

  18. Don't worry about it too much. I've met many friends who have had to go through the same situation.

  19. it would be amazing :) cuz it would be easier for me to bring her the day's food right after class hehe.

  20. Cinnamon Bark Ginkgo Biloba Red-berried Weeds Rehmannia Tribulus Terrestris Extract Wild Yam Extract. Other Ingredients: Cordyceps sinensis Aged Garlic Extract Mushroom Extract Codonopsis Magnesium Stearate Silicon Dioxide Gelatin Glycerin.

  21. cool thanks, ill buy some food instead :P

  22. I just finished Perilous Trail, the archon quest with xiao. I'm confused. Are there no more archon quests? What do i do now? Just do world quests?

  23. Elegy is good if you plan on getting someone to use it with (not with Itto).

  24. I just have welkin + battlepass. I got immensely lucky on pulls. Okay c3 not much, so ill just save for someone else in that regard. I do love itto...he makes me feel like a kid again, button mashing.

  25. What is your second team? The weapon banner is a scam 9/10 times, you are much better served pulling for 5star characters to fill out your teams, and save your starglitter to buy the 4stars from the Paimon shop to fill gaps, especially Bennet/XQ/Xiangling/Fischl/Beidou as they are universally good in many many teams

  26. Oh no 2nd team yet. I did post somewhere in this thread about suggestions. But i just scrounged up an extra 3 pulls and just got the memory of dust, so i have 2 5 star weapons now. So now im just saving for the next banner where i have no heroes of. Im guessing the next one.

  27. Im not really sure what to do with it. Im keeping it for now

  28. keep it, don't get blinded by greed and the scummyness of people who are gonna dm you for it.

  29. oh i wasn't me, was clan mate, i already got my perks hehe. we were just wondering why he got that.

  30. Make sure to do chaos tunnel turots. Way better spot than frem

  31. oh? good shout, thanks. better xp wise for farming?

  32. same thing here, dont think those gloves exist. at least its good money.

  33. Not very good anymore comparatively to anything else, unfortunately. Used to be great.

  34. still decent if you have the enhancer thingies, last i went i was getting a consistent 20m an hour. bout 16m ish after costs

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