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How a HUMVEE was driven in Baghdad

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  1. beware of people who talk too much and complain about everything.

  2. Stalin awards you the Master of Cannabis Breeding badge, what do you do?

  3. Lenin lifted weights quite often in Switzerland, literally champion of the Swoletariat

  4. "Do not disturb us. We are engaged in very important business."

  5. One of my favorite stories regarding Mao's swimming is that during the deterioration of Sino-Soviet relations, Mao insisted he meet Khrushchev in a swimming pool since he knew that Khrushchev couldn't swim, forcing him to wear floaties.

  6. Sucks that the UPA shares the same color pattern as the July 26 Movement. But, alas, it is a common one.

  7. Why? I’m sure there are gay racists and Allies who are capitalists. Dont confuse my words as I’m not saying that’s ok. What I’m saying is that don’t fool yourselves in thinking that because your ideology syncs with someone on some levels, it syncs on all levels.

  8. Intersectional struggle is a core pillar of modern socialism.

  9. This is super inspiring! If only we had this amount of organization in the US...

  10. Just looked up ‘’The Program podcast’’ for the joke. This is what I found: ‘’The Program audio series is a fiction podcast set in a future in which Money, State, and God became fused into a single entity called the Program. Each episode is a self-contained story focusing on ordinary people inhabiting this extraordinary world. And for them, it is not this future that is terrifying - it is our present.’’

  11. Today we are going to be evaluating our links with Nazis, all our war crimes, and a certain little thing in Chile

  12. ...and our little silly idea called 'Operation Northwoods' 🤗☺️😀👍😁

  13. I remember the deprogram boys saying they’d love to have him on. Pretty sure Yugopnik said he’d fangirl if Hasan came on the podcast. Make it happen!

  14. Yeah, they were just talking about it today on a livestream, too. Hasan doesn't talk about theory enough imo, so it would be perfect on the podcast.

  15. Sorry, all I remember is that it was around the 1 hour mark iirc

  16. True, pure socialism is like that too, but Bernie is a Democratic Socialist which is NOT the same thing.

  17. Is he not more of a social democrat? He ultimately still wants a capitalist economy.

  18. Aren't the two similar in belief structure? I thought social dem was just mainly what Europe referred to democratic socialist as?

  19. Not quite. The main difference is the primary goal of each-

  20. Ngl gangnam style slaps way harder than I remember, glad to hear psy is based. Listen to the instrumental too its rad as hell.

  21. Absolutely. Still slaps and puts a smile on my face.

  22. Yes i am very obviously stating that and its very obviously true.

  23. Environmentalism is a core component of leftism, plus this is a propoganda poster from a country governed by a communist party.

  24. I mean, environmentalism is definitely good, but you can be pro-environment and anti-socialist. Example: many liberals. Also, when was the CCP communist? Was it before Mao tried to extinct a native species (which then caused a massive famine) or after?

  25. May i remind you that it's only a show? I suppose it's not an accurate documentary of what actually happens irl

  26. You do realize that this is an incredibly common mindset in the US, right?

  27. Omg I can't anymore 😭 wtf do they think capitalism is?!?

  28. thAts not capalism1!!!! 😡😡🤬 crony capitlism and corpratism 🙄🙄

  29. It's funny cause all the anarchists I know have divorced parents

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