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  1. radiant oblobbles honestly took me like 10 hours. to date the worst radiant boss I've done so far

  2. thats a pretty big reason in my opinion just sayin

  3. well, genital preference can also be a really big reason not to date cis people, right?

  4. yea... thats why theres like, gay, bi, straight and ace people...

  5. Honestly really good observation I think that sums it up pretty well lmao

  6. remember those tentacles badeline has? surprised they're used so little in art of such kind

  7. She stopped when she saw cars passing. She knew what she was doing was wrong.

  8. kids stop doing anything when they suspect it might be wrong. they be freezing when caught with sweets in their hand

  9. Aw, I bet you can make it through this schoolday... I hope you have a great weekend Lola!! <3

  10. I'm currently doing all the godhome stuff! Am definitely a completionist at heart so I'm doing 112% on my first playthrough hehe

  11. either that, or a bigot, or maybe forgetful if it hasn't been that long since you've come out

  12. It happens all the time with my trans queerplatonic boyfriend, literally all the time. We platonically hug? Some teenager calls out "couple goals!!" It sucks major dookie.

  13. Please, if there is a greater being out there, don't let this woman have any more kids

  14. That... is basically its intended purpose, no? Arguably the Knight isn't a true pure vessel either, but I'd assume it guessed it was worth a shot.

  15. Or you know stop gettimg easily offended over something that was an easy mistake to make given the person filming sounds like a dude. Wouldnt that be a compliment to someone going for that type of lesbian style?

  16. those borders look fake af. would be way more realistic if the yellow guys only were on the islands. also how tf would their capital survive that close to the border??? clearly you have a lot to learn still

  17. good to hear you're at least willing to let ACTUAL worldbuilders show you how it's done

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