1. Tucker is a fascist. Fascists need to oppress minorities to gain power. Armed minorities are harder to oppress.

  2. I was suicidally depressed until I sought gender-affirming care. Trans medicine has saved my life & continues to save my life, but this transphobic society has foisted upon me many difficulties that have almost taken me off this earth multiple times—including by my own hand. I was forced to leave my hometown & flee out west in order to survive. I’m alive & thriving, but losing my home was incredibly traumatizing.

  3. The Nazis started with communists, trans, and queer people; then they moved onto the Jews.

  4. to add onto this, the first books burned by the Nazis were the entire body of trans medical research up until that point. They also found the first woman to receive GCS (Dora Richter) and executed her.

  5. I’m constantly afraid something like this is gonna happen to me someday. It’s getting scary out there.

  6. Washington state recently enacted a law that not only protects, but requires all insurance plans in the state to cover gender-affirming care. It saved my life and continues to save my life every day.

  7. If it was made today they'd just have to swap out the minorities listed.

  8. It’s been a process for me. My antipsychotics did not stop the delusions, but they interrupted the chemical process behind them. Before antipsychotics My delusions burned through my mind like a fire that kept feeding itself and growing larger each day.

  9. Transmeds and truscum are the ultimate bootlickers. They’ll sell you out to cis people to try and make themselves more appealing to the public. Also like 90% of them hate themselves (and I think 90% is a conservative estimate)

  10. I’d say try to identify how you’re feeling when you want to doomscroll!

  11. I guess my homework is to figure out how to responsibly use social media. It’s an ongoing thing.

  12. I don't get why you hate it, they're right, Florida is becoming extremely dangerous for all LGBTQ+ but especially trans people.

  13. You're in luck, OP! I can't upvote as I only ever Downvote posts with NFT user icons. Your post is safe from my upvoting

  14. I remember that comic from a long time ago of a closeted trans girl getting a bra, trying it on, then crying because she doesn’t look the way she wants to. Clearly a comic designed to discourage people from transitioning.

  15. Then secede if you’re so unhappy. Just go away. So damn tired of these people.

  16. The problem is that if the state government secedes, real people will be affected—including people who aren’t fascists (which is the majority, but Texas is currently under minority rule)

  17. if this somehow goes through, a military coup is not out of the question, imo. Cutting off funding to the guys who have tanks, bombers, and big guns is proooobably a bad idea.

  18. To answer your first 3 questions, I feel misunderstood by the LGBT community. They are overall supportive, but they are often ignorant to intersex struggles & have even told me I have it easier than trans people—which just isn’t true. I think a drive to educate people about intersex conditions & intersex issues would go a long way—that way we aren’t forced to be a resource for people.

  19. The Biden admin is doing remarkably little to counter these genocidal laws and it’s terrifying

  20. Think of it from the perspective of the big decision-makers in our economy. What would you rather have:

  21. I have trans friends in Tennessee who are thinking of “going stealth” or moving out because they’re afraid to go to the shop or the gas station as themselves. It’s terrifying. My fear is that next election cycle, this is gonna move to the federal level & not even the blue states will be safe.

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