John Fetterman Whipping Dr. Oz in Senate Race With Double Digit Lead: Poll

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  1. Jesus had to be a fucking necromancer, ya know? Not only did he revive Lazarus, but then turned himself into a Lich! The worst part? He’s convinced everyone to worship his Phylactery: The “Holy” Cross!

  2. They lined up like this during the revolutionary war, made it easy for America to win. I see they still have learned nothing.

  3. Jail is not the answer, counseling both group and solo are the ways to re-educate individuals on what they are doing wrong. You have to get their brains to make the connection that this is not acceptable behavior.

  4. According to whom? How about making it easier to sacrifice victims to old forgotten gods.

  5. Morons on parade. Enjoy the vaccine, it has to be injected into your stomach lining.

  6. Bleach did this with the mad scientist vs arancor, changing the passage of perceived time. Horrible.

  7. It’s an excuse to use nukes, we grabbed land illegally, you attacked our fake land, we can nuke you.

  8. If I didn’t watch it with the half assed tackling, I’m certainly not watching flag football. Just get rid of it. It’s basically a vacation anyway.

  9. 2 more months, already sick of the Oz attack ads, they get stranger and stranger every week.

  10. Pretty sure the itch is them numbing the bite site, and without it they’d hurt instead

  11. Body’s histamine reaction, causes itching. If you suction the bite, you can extract the histamine which stops the itch.

  12. That’s, a lot. Guess that’s how we feel about other states in America or parts of states. Here in Pennsylvania, it’s divided nicely by a river.

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