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  1. Next week: Tottenham Hotspur in bid to purchase Everton Football Club

  2. Despite having a generally positive view of Ross himself- he brings something NASCAR needs- I am forced to conclude that his fanbase are straight up out of their god damn minds.

  3. I have never seen a driver milk an incident like Denny has this one, though. The man’s qualified for the playoffs and drives for one of the richest teams, so in the grand scheme of things Gatewaygate really doesn’t affect him much at all.

  4. Uh, what? The whole point is that Denny has way more to lose by continuing to escalate the situation. Put aside the moral philosophizing about who “deserves” to get wrecked and when, and consider that him wrecking Ross in the playoffs essentially guarantees that he himself will get wrecked back. Ty Gibbs somehow seems to have figured this out faster than Hamlin given his interaction with Mayer on Saturday.

  5. Have most of y'all just memory dumped that VW auto was seriously considering entering NASCAR with one of their brands until dieselgate killed new expenses.

  6. VW makes some sense because they’re literally “the people’s car,” but the luxury brands don’t seem like they’d get much ROI.

  7. I mean I linked to the articles like someone asked, this was all mid 2010s. Years before they announced they won't invest in any racing that only uses ICE.

  8. I’m not doubting you, I’m just saying VW has a history of backing out at the last second, so I tend to assume they would’ve backed out even without dieselgate, regardless of what they’re telling people

  9. Honestly my impression of Grienke was that he’d pretend he didn’t even hear the guy to avoid social interaction. I guess I’m thoroughly wrong lol

  10. Chase Elliott with the Fergie Time on that one. On the other hand, this race had to end eventually

  11. Welp, at least Bubba gets to sniff the top 10 for a bit before he gets ran over on the restart

  12. She’s like peanut butter kid from that one episode of Recess

  13. I wish that I could the purge the knowledge that every single shot begins focused on an ad, pans to the drivers and then ends focused on an ad out of my head.

  14. Bro why did you have to put that in my head, that’s like the tongue awareness of watching F1

  15. “People of a certain race are much more racist than me”

  16. Show me on the Hot Wheels where Paul Tracy touched you, Tony

  17. How did I never know that Phil and Benny were brothers

  18. Were you around during the TNT days? I'm pretty sure they mentioned it a bunch of times.

  19. Yeah, but as a child I don’t think I had much of an awareness of Phil Parsons at all outside of him as a random car on Nascar Racing 3 lol.

  20. Future driver of the SHR #10 Cup car is being outraced by Riley Herbst in the same equipment.

  21. Is a technical alliance really the same equipment though? Like Gibbs and 23XI have an alliance but there’s still a difference there

  22. Rec league sports in the middle and lower class will be a thing of the past soon.

  23. This place is barely hanging on as is.

  24. Yeah but there are a ton of other places around the area. Soccer City has more teams than they can handle

  25. That won’t stop people from asking every 3 days

  26. Hey you never know, 15, 16 more of these threads and the folks upstairs will have no choice but to bow to the wishes of us Reddit geniuses

  27. Was this filmed in 1996? Even the kits look retro

  28. I remember he got into it with someone on a cooldown lap a few years back, Corey LaJoie maybe?

  29. I wish I was cute and could race and wreck every week. :(

  30. The Gen7 test car already looked like a charger to me, so not hard to imagine that transition at all

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