1. breaking gauge of Stranger of Paradise is at the same location. There is no problem about that.

  2. I tried stranger's but it just lacked purpose. I didn't like having a team. I didn't like the combat bc it was a tone down nioh. The ff aspect was tacked on. And the looting was insane. Final fantasy is quality or used to be not quantity. So the constant gear and feel of auto generated worlds felt weak. It felt like beta nioh.

  3. you don't have to play with your team against bosses. Bosses will have lower HP.

  4. All those game are great. Waiting Wo Long by playing Stranger of Paradise dlc, graphics are again improve on PS5. Team Ninja did a major work on it. Action gameplay, RPG gameplay and story are really great.

  5. as Sigma 2 player, I'm very bad to play on water. When I fought him in Ninja Gaiden II in warrior, mentor and master ninja Ninja, I tried to fight him on water, but the result was so awful each time that I stayed on my rock to have him with arrows.

  6. it was the same for Nioh and Stranger of Paradise. The content will be there, don't worried.

  7. Nioh 1 and 2 and Strangers of Paradise all had three dlcs. Hah

  8. will have not had for Stranger of Paradise^^ For the last one, we just know that is in winter (it is less precise than those for Wo Long)

  9. Still not seeing the price for just the season pass in the psn store. On the border of ordering the steelbook and season pass but looking at the prices, thinking it may be substantially cheaper just to get the digital deluxe. The steelbook edition alone is almost as much as the digital deluxe, which bums me out because steelbooks was almost a freebie for pre-ordering.

  10. it should be the same. $70 for the game, $95 for the game with dlc. The season pass will probably came later at $25. (i don't know if it is the right price depending of the currency but it is the idea)

  11. I think reversing R1 with R2 and L1 with L2 will be already better. (it is important since for example if you use red magic, you have spear if you how the trigger and a sword if you mash it, and you are way more accurate with a simple button instead of a trigger)

  12. Ninja Gaiden II is not really build on no damage run. This video is of course impressive. But I don't like it that much.

  13. How did you get past the ghost fish train? That was the boss fight that stopped my progress forever ago. Also online videos don’t help cause they always have all the weapons from already completing it 🙄

  14. If the spider tank has you this frustrated then you might want to put the game down. Pretty much every boss in this game is bullshit.

  15. It is a very easy boss, a no hit against this boss is something normal. Dash when you see that It will fire at you and change the leg that you are attacking. And like it has been already said, don't finish a leg that has been denuded. You will do that for all of them at the end.

  16. Nice ! I still don't know what to think about "reboot", but at least it is better than nothing for both series.

  17. "But, imagining the original sequel didn’t exist, would we have all beenhappy? I just honestly think the better way to have gone about makingthe sequel would have been to make it more inviting, instead of doublingdown on how hard it is. I think this series is very unique, I think thecombat is very superior to other games."

  18. I respect that. I think a happy medium could be established between the two. For all of the bullshit incendiary ninjas they throw on vanilla two, there’s a bullshit grab on Sigma 2. What I think is that both of these situations force you into playing the game a certain way. I think it severely limits you two doing obliteration techniques only in vanilla two so you don’t take damage from the Incendiary Shurikens, while in Sigma 2, you are forced to do Izuna Drops because the thought of the one hit grabs keeps your anxiety way up.

  19. it is difficult situations in the harder difficulty level. For warrior and Mentor, those situation are easily doable with Nimpo. For harder difficulty there is technics, yes it is a hard game but it is no bullshit difficulty

  20. I'm not a UT big fan. I play with it, but I avoid using it too much (even in master ninja).

  21. Sekiro was really unique in its form to also have underwater fights, would be nice to see this again

  22. I didn’t play these games, do you think it might return in the future or even in wolong? I think it would fit now that you can also jump.

  23. The first Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo on PS Store. I had a PS3 early I don't have a lot of game. I found this demo so great. I don't even know why it took me one year to take it.

  24. I find some of the opinions that Nioh 1 is trash while Nioh 2 is great really weird. Of course, Nioh 2 is great, one of the best games of all time, and an improvement over Nioh 1 in so many ways. But the two are extremely similar! The combat is just as great in Nioh 1 as it is in Nioh 2. Some things like atmosphere and levels, I liked more in Nioh 1. And Nioh 1 has a great assortment of memorable bosses. This is even for a person that got into the series through Nioh 2. I wish more people would appreciate Nioh 1. It is a great game with so much to offer.

  25. Hit really is back when you can, avoid to be in his side a little bit. You can fairly beat him, no need to throw anything

  26. If they make deflection timing lot easier, they really need to suppress spirit damage that we give to enemies while performing a deflection. Otherwise, it will turn Wo Long in a single pressing button game.

  27. I'm wondering how I did to get disliked even on this one. I will answer to the dislike :

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