1. "Priority is given to certain groups of students to enrol first and then the course becomes available to other UTM students on July 27, 2022 at 6 am. August 5, 2022 at 6 am is the first day UTM students can add St. George/UTSC courses, and St. George/UTSC students can add UTM courses.

  2. thing is, when exactly will they open them? and if we’re not notified what if we miss out on the spots? kinda dumb tbh

  3. That's true, but 160 x 3 is 480, you definitely wont miss out. Only problem is if you're aiming for a specific time slot. Call as early as possible(9 AM) just in case.

  4. If you want an easier time, just take MAT135 & MAT136 instead of MAT137

  5. Take some CCIT classes, you could use it as a backup in case you don’t make CS post.

  6. I would consider double majoring in CCIT and CS, but won’t that mean double deregulated fees?

  7. I took the test a week ago. Its literally almost same as the practice test. The way questions are asked is the same some questions are literally same but different wording i got %85 out of my final

  8. You can definitely finish the 2 courses before the deadline, you have 5 months left. It’s just that ILC, you got to push yourself

  9. may I ask when is your exam? because I have mine tomorrow and I could probably come back to let you know after:)

  10. Im on assignment 4.1, I'm just preparing in advance. If you could let me know, that'd be great!

  11. Only graded assignments and final tests. Feedback assignments need to be completed though, cause they’re usually required for your culminating task

  12. Yes. Every student from highschool who wants to go to CS must apply to POSt after their first year, even those accepted straight from high school. The only advantage those accepted from highschool have is that they have priority enrollment in the required courses for POSt.

  13. No, first year classes are so big even if you don't get priority enrolment you can still get in, maybe just not in the time slot you want.

  14. idk cs this year is jus completely wild. York and Ryerson are moving like they are an Ivey school. Can someone please put them in their respectful place, so they may accept average students like us

  15. yeah, you cant submit a culminating until all feedback was completed and returned.

  16. As in every optional feeback piece from every unit or just 5? Also since they're not for marks could I just put in minimal effort?

  17. every optional feedback from every unit, pretty sure. thats how culminatings open for submission

  18. I challenge you to taste the difference between sprinkles and crayon shavings.

  19. Your final mark as well as your final test mark will show up on your ILC Homepage. The final test mark shows up usually a few days after.

  20. I've had a final exam for all the courses I took, along with 4-7 assessments/assignments. In addition, you also complete a culminating task and submit it(your progress) at the end every unit for feedback.

  21. I have also heard that there is a practice exam for each course that is very similar to the final exam. Is this true and if so, how similar are they?

  22. Yeah, so basically every course I did there had a practice exam. Some courses had practice exams that were literally identical to the final exam. Whereas, some had little variations. All in all, you get a better mark studying off the practice exam than memorizing your notes. But doing both is the way to go

  23. Oh damn, they probably changed it to a hydrogen question like the practice exam. But I def had a question about that earthquake intensity thing

  24. Exact replica besides a few log questions, so practice those rules. Also review the intensity of earthquake formula, cause there is a question on it. It’s only hard because proctoru makes it more stressful.

  25. Still got a 95 wtf, there is a very hard trig question I have no way to solve so I definitely got it wrong and wrote some bs but ahhhhhh… I did score 60% in Euclid btw.

  26. Yeah I think I rmbr that trig question loool I. That exam made my avg go from 97 to 92🥲

  27. I wouldn't say most day school students are cheating, without any evidence.

  28. Nah I didn’t mean it in a condescending way. I agree the word ‘cheating’ was a stretch. it’s just there is a clear difference between day schools prior to Covid and now. So getting good marks in day school are a lot easier, maybe close to as easy as ILC courses.

  29. I mean before I started at ILC, I called Ryerson, York and UofT and they all recommended using ILC, recently sent in my applications.

  30. Damn, UofT recommended it. That means, there's probably no wayy they'd look at a high school student any different than an ILC student.

  31. I sent them all an email today, but I’ve seen a couple posts here where they’ve received a response saying that the schools don’t accept emailed transcripts. I figured I could also ask students here who may have applied to those schools if they have the emails.

  32. The work on the actual exam was very easy. It is the exact same as the practice exam with different values or requesting that you calculate different variables.

  33. Is there any way you could get a re-test because that's totally unfair man. Try to complain and hopefully they can do something. I completely flopped a physics exam on proctoru as well, so I actually feel your frustration.

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