1. It generally depends on the item but yes in the past they’ve held stock back for seasonals

  2. Prices look really good by California standards. I’m goin to Wales!

  3. Identical twins don't have identical fingerprints. There's probably a longwinded explanation as to why, but I don't know it.

  4. Fingerprints are made from amniotic fluid swirling around when you’re a fetus. They’re not made by dna so that how everybody has different ones because fluid isn’t going to swirl the same unless you’re in the exact same spot and position even if you share a sac

  5. Try Rit Color Remover, my son washed red and white and I was able to remove the pink from the white sweatshirt

  6. I was gonna comment this. Grey weirdly can be soaked in bleach most of the time without discoloring in my experience too. It will look like it’s being bleached but then it will get washed and dried and be back to being grey

  7. All the skincare, haircare, and makeup should have been in the categories. I hate that they’ve turned the boosts into charging customers slightly more than their add on prices (they need to take a page from Costco and take a smaller profit on items to keep their customer happy instead of squeezing each dollar from them).

  8. Perhaps they don't have the stock to make it an item?

  9. They do limited items all the time. I’m confused on to why you’re simping so hard for them.

  10. I sometimes think they’d do better if they got rid of the categories and did a point system so people could skip categories. Like category 1 and 4 have several items that I’d rather have other 2 and 3. I’d make a box of the summer Fridays moisturizer, Kate spade glasses, cupcake liners and the necklace and be good with not getting anything from 2 or 3.

  11. I just commented on another thread that I wish they'd just let us pick 6 items from the entire pool of options. I was being facetious of course bc the lower value items would never get selected, but a point system would of course be the solution to that. Except I still think people would dodge the lower value items.

  12. Yes, but I think that’s how you get away with a points system where you still technically have categories

  13. Should come to New England sometime. Go take the canoe out on Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg

  14. For people saying BK should have fled to Canada - what does that even do for him? Pretty sure Canada is going to extradite someone with a warrant for 4 capital murders

  15. Canada won’t be extradite in capital murder cases if death penalty is on the table actually

  16. They extradited serial killer Charles Ng and he received death.

  17. People from the area said he was probably not joking about the victims and meant exactly what he said, apparently wsu students do go to moscow to shop bc thats where the target is or something

  18. Perhaps someone meant to ask about why he went to Idaho the night of murders. Agree that there is probably some context missing.

  19. But he was one of the sharpest tools in the shed. At the top of his large HS graduating class. And the most brilliant student one of his professors ever had.

  20. Handwriting analysis experts commenting in 3, 2, 1 ....go.

  21. Calling him BCK is just gross. He probably would want/will want that notoriety, especially if he had a "connection" to BTK through one of his professors.

  22. When I see bck, it makes me think of Burger King or a Burger King chicken lol not some murderous fool Bryan

  23. It is beyond incredibly hard to sue the government for anything and I believe if you tried to file a tort claim asking a judge to let you sue saying you were somehow needing "extra special warning" that killer's murder people beyond the common sense one would need to have to protect themselves on the regular IDK man.

  24. Idk the cities around me get sued all the time for the police’s actions and most often settle. There’s two that I can think of that resulted in multimillion dollars payouts recently

  25. Do that. Find one case where the Police were successfully sued for your scenario.

  26. If there’s not a case, you do understand that someone can bring a case and the precedent will be made? Next time try being coherent or at least understand how precedents work and link the correct one instead of an irrelevant one like you did

  27. Particularly competitive PhD program? What difference does that make? Anyone who is accepted into a PhD has shown a scholastic mastery of his/her chosen field. Given that he knew what police would be looking for and the tools they would use to find him, he was incredibly sloppy. There are far less educated criminals who have hidden their link to crimes.

  28. You’re coming across as someone who is unfamiliar with academia. Getting into a phd program doesn’t equate to any mastery. You can coast through an online university with barely passing grades and get into a PhD program. There’s also funded phd programs and self funded programs. There’s phd programs that are competitive that generally have jobs that pay well afterwards. There’s phd programs that are basically dead ends and are a way to scam students. Most scholastically gifted kids either go the professional route: medicine, engineering, or law school or get snagged out of undergrad to go work vs go to school longer. PhD students even in the sciences (more competitive and fully funded) had middle of pack students generally vs top of the class. This is done on a larger scale. Harvard generally had more scholastically inclined students vs a state school (you see this in law school that it’s not worth going unless you can get into a top 20 school because you won’t find employment to pay off your loans). Online schools are bottom of the barrel

  29. You're coming across as a narcissist who didn't do any research whatsoever. The criminology doctorate at Washington State lists its requirements for admission.

  30. i believe his literal professor that said he’s really intelligent over you, who’s never met him.

  31. You can have a high degree of intelligence and still act in stupid ways, especially if you become too arrogant.

  32. Now there's a new post for that account but it doesn't seem like it's necessarily the same person and it cuts out. It's very odd.

  33. Can you pls pm me the name of alleged burner account?

  34. @Criminology_Student, josco1972, and InsideLooking are three account names that I've linked to him (with no concrete evidence they are).

  35. Or the used deleted it because they didn’t want to be associated with a murderer?

  36. I feel for the downstairs roommates after reading that. If that’s the dude he was planning on killing everyone in that house and the dog barking saved their life. This has got to be such a trauma for them

  37. Lol the prosecution would just ask them if they’re for sure it was hoodie guy and are they open to other possibilities

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