Northland girls lead haka against USA in Whangarei

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  1. I would bet big money she almost hit the guy. Riding a motorcycle while other are on their phones and/or not paying attention would make anyone rage. Especially if you almost crashed and the culprit didn't even notice.

  2. Huh. I thought loud pipes fixed that. Guess loud pipes are just there because these sorts of dudes are insecure and need attention, and not for safety after all.

  3. Wow! No just ride motorcycles my whole life and been almost run over a bunch. 90% of tge time someone on their phone. But thanks for thinking the very worst of me. Always the race card.

  4. No doubt that it’s not an eames original. I actually didn’t think it was even a plycraft but I’d be pleasantly surprised if it was and might keep it.

  5. Oh you should keep it. Was more a observation than a judgement. Dude I own a valyou replica that I got for $150 and it's in pieces. Slowly changing the foam and hardware. Got a replica for a fraction and will customize till I like it.

  6. You probably didn't set it up correctly. Try adding this new section close to the [extruder]section:

  7. I have a Winnsinn thermistor and I've been using it set up as a generic 3950 in my config.

  8. Tried it and temp was low. Thanks for the link. Funny searching for a few days and still stuff out there. LOL

  9. Melissa mcphail- pattern of shadow and light

  10. I love making furniture that looks delicate but I think a little bit of prototyping would help with composition and balance.

  11. Just get a sec kit tank or something. Costs less. Very reliable. And a literal tank.

  12. Did you get a sk-tank? If so how's it going

  13. I've said something similar when someone asked about retraction. Was down voted and told that I was at his point and shouldn't criticize. Yes there was a time I didn't know nothing about 3d printing but I researched before I bought one. Never asked one question because there's a thousands of videos/ websites to learn from. If you only watched TEACHINGTECH you would be pretty knowledgeable. I think its its just laziness and nothing else. Researching isn't hard.

  14. Looks great, very reminiscent of a Roberts radio

  15. Never heard of it. But it does kinda. Had to Google lol

  16. Waimanalo. I was I finish carpenter on a property there

  17. Did you steam them or were they thin enough to just weave?

  18. Steam/heat bend plus lamination bend. Each piece is bent then laminated before woven

  19. Well it's very cool. Is it for a client or you planning on growing old in it on your front porch?

  20. Prototype. Never made another. Too time consuming to make for free.

  21. Great work. The doors by themselves are a whole project.

  22. I think we would get along! Nice work!

  23. Pathetic! Do it when she's alive. Dead, it means nothing

  24. Sign of cheap mass-produced products. If your making something yourself they're are better options

  25. Test yourself. Make a better one

  26. When using super glue for filling voids, do not use accelerator. The chemical reaction causes the glue to boil and leave bubbles and/white spots in the void. After finishing you will still be able to see these imperfections. Use accelerator for gluing wood together.

  27. Love to see this! Calibration is key. Might take a bunch of prints but its better than a failed print

  28. Print multiple calibration prints. Print, calibrate and repeat. Then tackle something with a million retractions. New cooling ducts for sure. If you can linear advance.

  29. search "calibrate you printer" on thigiverse and a retration print. calibrate your printer has a plug test print which help with extrusion multiplier which will help your retractions. These are not fun prints but I find my problems go down with each time I sit and print and print until im satisfied.

  30. I'll never get why people don't try to understand their printer. It's always print cool thing then "why this happening". Never a thought of calibration or the hundreds of tutorial videos and websites. Just lazy.

  31. Well I mean..... OP is asking why its happening. Isn't this a community for questions and discussion? Your reply seems very close minded and unhelpful...

  32. Closed mind, you mean like suggesting someone to know their machine and how it works. Unhelpful, like reminding people that there a hours of video and webpages that address problem like retraction out there. Or are you justifying asking basic questions cause your lazy.


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