1. the original post asked for tips for the city, they didn't ask for Dulles adjacent fun (it was hard to type that)

  2. Gruner is having a moment in the northeast US (can't speak to the rest of the country). I find it even on basic wine lists from time to time.

  3. Posting on the internet about property crime when people in this country are suffering so much is pretty telling about your values, OP.

  4. Booze in the province of Québec is a government monopoly, via the SAQ. Your selection in DC is almost guaranteed to be better and more affordable, but if you really want to be sure, the complete inventory of each and every store is visible online via their website, with prices. If you were passing through Montreal on the way, you'd have a wider selection.

  5. Helpful with the SAQ info. I'll take a look. Cheers

  6. I agree with this. I feel like it's tied into why he didn't want Carmy involved with The Beef. Shady shit happening with Cicero and the business.

  7. This all makes too much sense it feels like reading a spoiler. The way they got the money and it was just, yay! cash money! all is fixed! Felt off to me, like it was too good to be true.

  8. interesting, could the "winged figures" than be figures harvesting grain or something.

  9. It's possible they're winged, but it does look more like an action is being depicted with a form. The other figures look to be horn blowers, do they not?

  10. 100%. Reminds me of Ben Affleck's monologue in Good Wil Hunting, where he tells his best friend, and math savant, Matt Damon, that the best part of his day is when he walks up to his front door and thinks that this will be the day he'll knock on his door and he won't be there, because there's so much more he could be doing with his life, with the talent he has. Sometimes the best thing you can do for a loved one is to say goodbye and push them to live a life better than what they would've had with you.

  11. This is it! My family did this to me because I needed to move away to do the work I'm good at. I felt loyalty, of course, and didn't want to leave... and they told me the most loyal thing I could do would be to leave and be who I was suposoed to be.

  12. I usually just tell my Siri “start navigation to this place” and just go lol

  13. Google Maps is superior to Apple Maps but also not perfect. An example from GoogMaps is coming down NH Ave towards the intersection with Georgia, it will tell you IN ORDER TO GO LEFT ONTO 8TH to take a right, turn into an area with a stopsign to then cross NH to the left. There's no stop sign, and you can just.... take a left onto the road like any normal road.

  14. Do they believe all the buildings were really that color?

  15. I've had this cologne for about a year and people constantly tell me they like it. Hours after I put it on too.

  16. Eh, people complain too much. It’s a pretty good system overall, especially when you consider it goes through 3 different jurisdictions (with the funding limitations that it entails) and goes pretty deep into the suburbs.

  17. It's a good system for bringing people in and out of downtown to work, it's not a good system for people living and traveling around the neighborhoods of the city. For example, to get from Logan Circle to Adams Morgan there are no public transit options that make any sense, so walking the 30 minutes or taking a ten minute drive are your only options. Thats one of many examples of active places in the city that you can't connect to by rail or bus

  18. People hang white power flags on the embassy?

  19. No, free citizens with first amendment rights do. Your examples don't apply to an embassy because it's a policy issue of an federal agency, not a matter of first amendment speech by a citizen.

  20. So a free citizen in the embassy can fly a white supremacy flag if they as an individual choose to? So as policy the federal government can allow one person to fly their flag, but deny another?? Wouldn’t the denial be a violation of the rights someone else in the embassy enjoyed?

  21. It wasn't an individual's choice it was the government's?

  22. They said others answered the obvious, which includes our neighbor Mexico.

  23. my life circumstances don't permit me to jet off on vacation to with little notice to take advantage of favorable currency exchange rates

  24. Also before now, the exchange rate was not that significant for a number of years. I mean when I was there 4 years ago you bought a €10 lunch and it was $11.50...I rarely thought about it.

  25. Go in Sept or October. Still mild weather, especially in the south, and a lot cheaper and less crowded.

  26. Agree. October and April are the best months to hit Europe. Weather is usually fine, and you're just off season

  27. I also choose Wisconsin. Our other border states are terrible.

  28. I gave myself a week or two between the two tastings. I want to make sure I cleansed my palate and reset my expectations. In those few weeks, I drank some wine, posted the first in the guilty pleasure series, and wrote my first script for my podcast. I also did some math on if I could become a full-time wine critic. Unfortunately, I have only spent money on this venture so far, but you must spend money to make money, right?

  29. I knew that link was Meiomi and still hissed when the image showed up. Thanks for the post!

  30. There definitely must have been. Rome at this time would've had a population of over 1 million in a relatively small area so the people must've lived tightly packed

  31. Exactly. Even if all those buildings were large tenements, still can't get the numbers that apparently were there

  32. I've always thought that there must have been extensive and perhaps sprawling slums/shanty towns that we don't get in these maps.

  33. You get your guns on the metro, but don't you dare ask if you can keep your shoes on at airport security!!!! So dangerous!

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