1. Tragic and sad. What's even sadder is that nothing is being done about it.

  2. Why would they pay when they can just stare at you naked and jerk off. You want then to pay you.

  3. Everyone is different, just like every guy has different tastes.

  4. Could be glitching. Or they are just being cheap.

  5. People will do anything for views. Poor baby suffering because of shitty parenting.

  6. I'd still try to pet it, call it my toxic trait.

  7. Yeah, I pretty much cam the same way, and still make money. But it's a side hustle for me and not my main income, so I don't try as hard.

  8. No matter how expensive it gets to take care of my animals, they will stay with me. I will get another job if I have to. I will get creative.

  9. Same, I just spent over $,3000 on my cat, would do it agian in a heart beat.

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