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It's crucial that we figure out ways to promote and make this info and website available for the Russian people: The government of Ukraine has launched the "I want to Live" telegram channel, aimed at Russian conscripts, to educate them on how to safely surrender when they arrive on the battlefield.

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  1. It seems awfully cowardly to kill the enemy in this way.

  2. Shells, missiles, and nukes are all basically the same thing. Kill other people safely from a distance.

  3. Yeah, that should never have been made. I loved the original story, and this mess was such a disappointment.

  4. It's because this is political propaganda. I'm not saying this man isn't who he says he is (and from the comments it sounds like he is). But the "hopeful" piano music paired with negative sentiments towards Castro and communism? It's not coming off as innocent as it's trying to be.

  5. THANK YOU! That was EXACTLY my impression too - that it's a propaganda piece. With lots of astroturfy replies to support it. The subtle message? "Be grateful for the jobs we give you - even if it means pissing in a bottle and working off the clock - or we will find foreigners to take your job."

  6. They have a TikTok that is 100% not propaganda but cool standard Reddit comment, y’all are literally the fucking worst garbage people

  7. How are things going over at UPS corporate today? Are you all having a good day? Keep up the good work! (but you might consider toning down the sappy background piano music. That seems a bit too fake...)

  8. That's some great detail! Just looking at it gives me hand cramps.

  9. Cassette? Okay Grandpa, let's get you back into bed.

  10. If you are looking for moose, deer or mountain lions, they are probably in Billings. Our doorbell cams keep catching them.

  11. Reddit is so full of crappy people, I had hoped that the local page might not be so bad

  12. Hurr durr! MoNtaNa PeOpLeS iZ sO DuM! They iz scared of what they doesn't understand!

  13. World of Warcraft was/is a better metaverse than Meta’s version ever will be and has more active users. And that world is nearing 20 years old.

  14. I would love to play WoW in my Quest 2! That would be a version of the metaverse I would be happy to explore. Starting with the inn in Goldshire...

  15. "I put the queen in a clip, and it was another great day of saving the wasps!"

  16. My main problem with the guy is that he is SO small minded that he has bought into the idea that there are "liberal cities" and "conservative cities", not realizing that he would cut the power to tens of thousands of conservatives who live in Missoula.

  17. He reminds me of the creepy principal on Ferris Bueller.

  18. That's was it. Exactly four items. I feel like regular balloons recycle into more than this.

  19. If you can, please guide me how to contact to remove the lock, thank you very much!

  20. Ooooh... interesting. But you would lose the trainees if you don't have enough housing, no?

  21. No, you can just slide the extra recruits over into TC11 so they don't get wasted.

  22. The popular mobile phone game "Empires and Puzzles" allows people in most countries, INCLUDING Russia, to play against and communicate with each other. There are MANY Russian alliances (guilds) that allow people to freely join their group, and chat with the guild in a chat channel. A player can join an open guild, leave a message for the group, and then quit and join another one, over and over.

  23. Give me the instructions in English and I’ll translate that for you. Can’t reach the site and have troubles finding the channel

  24. If you are worried about being forced to fight in Ukraine, you have an option to safely surrender if you need it.

  25. Diminished Returns by Jeremy Korpas in case you wanted to let him know how shitty it is.

  26. I failed at 99% the other day. I couldn’t believe it.

  27. I failed at 95% twice before I learned my lesson. ALWAYS feed them an extra hero or two to hit that 100%.

  28. I don’t trust any number they give us. Technologically, they could monitor a player’s playing and spending habits and, for example, determine that whenever I summon in bulk and don’t get anything interesting I have a tendency to rage buy more tokens and summon a bunch more (that’s like totally not something I would ever do… 😒) and adjust the odds in accordance. What governing body is keeping game developers/loot boxes accountable?

  29. I absolutely believe that their algorithms do this. No one is going to monitor them for their honesty.

  30. Paywall. What’s the purpose of posting if we can’t read the article.

  31. Interesting fact - the term "Jingoistic", which means "Nationalism through war" may have gotten it's roots from this song.

  32. Nope, I haven't seen that one yet! Let's call it... the Crucifix

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