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  1. Got the same problem when Im wearing headphones on my OnePlus N200 where it mainly does 3 things I have seem to have found no solution on fixing. It mainly adjusts the volume up and down randomly without my say and this is the biggest issue I've been having. It also randomly tells me the time one my phone in a text to speech audio without my prompting. And whenever watching videos on like YouTube or wherever else when this glitch happens it either pauses the video for me on and off, or it just starts skipping videos. I have no clue what's happening only had this phone not even for 3 months and mainly started noticing it about a month ago.

  2. Must be an older photo. Surely a die-hard conservative would have a 'Let's go Brandon' sticker nowadays.

  3. Historically the proposed capital was either going to be Yreka or Port Orford, but as for the modern day I believe Chico would probably make a better capital city, decently sized and much more centralized within the state.

  4. They could perhaps pull a 76 with what they did with West Virginia and just do all of Louisiana or at least range from Houston to the Florida Panhandle

  5. For an actual answer, it's that we don't know yet. Besides DC and West Virginia if you want to count that as the South, closest we got is one or two sentences to Charlotte and Texas. As well as Nashville which has slightly more mention than the previous two as we know as the city seems to have been spared from a direct nuclear attack and is largely intact.

  6. My mom, got me an Xbox One for Christmas and the game it came with was Fallout 4, seen a few videos of the game on YouTube beforehand but wasn't too interested until I actually played it and it sucked me in ever since.

  7. Not alot is known about Canada in general post war besides a couple mentions towards Toronto.

  8. Pretty neat, I think a green might work better instead of the purple though to keep up with theming with the flag cause why not but thats just me

  9. I think one interesting faction could be a group of Chinese soldiers who survived the Great War and are now stranded in the US with no real way to return to China.

  10. Sturgeons. A raider faction hailing from the prairies of Canada relocated to the long gone minor league hockey team stadium of the Spearfish Sturgeons in South Dakota, refurbishing hockey gear for weapons and armor. Also to note after doing whatever cruel and mean shit raiders do, these guys always feel guilty in doing so and commonly apologize to their victims.

  11. Wait, people actually want to help another settlement?

  12. I always imagined this song would work so well in Hawaii or Florida setting.

  13. IIRC, there was mention in Fallout 2 to the Super Bowl in 2075 between the New York Jets and New Orleans Saints, although by that time the teams moved to become the Anaheim Jets and Little Rock Saints.

  14. My personal favorite would be the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming, but realistically I would be happy with New Orleans, Seattle, and Chicago. Wouldn't mind a 3D revisit to San Francisco either.

  15. Oh yeah Ive seen a few of this dude's videos. They're pretty decent

  16. I don't think bethesda wants fallout in another country because its a western rpg franchise.

  17. Right, that or with like Seattle/Detroit with Canada is the only possible ways I could see a game incorporating a non-US location into the main setting. Only other way I see a non-US setting being possible is if it was a DLC location. There's just no other way it could remain a Fallout game as explained by other comments here.

  18. I would hope for a sort of Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming setting sort of similar to West Virginia as that was the only good thing about Fallout 76.

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