1. I'm not blacking out anymore. I absolutely hated waking up the next day hungover, covered in bruises from falling, and not remembering a damn thing. Now I'm waking up early for work hangover and bruise free and enjoying coffee while I work.

  2. First Sober Thanksgiving here in 10 years! Fantastic day. Looking forward to a great morning!

  3. Seek medical help, we can't give medical advice here but your doctor should be more than happy to help. Seeing my doctor helped so much.

  4. I'm on seroquel currently (almost 3 months) and my first few days were just...exhausting lol. For me personally I didn't notice much in my mood other than being exhausted constantly, that lasted awhile. Within an hour of taking it I'd be out like a light. Like so out to the point where I almost peed the bed lmao. But overall, it's been helping me & the exhausting feeling I had 24/7 is going away!

  5. Thanks! Been working real hard on not wanting to be productive 24/7

  6. For me I've been more productive on my meds, just the first few weeks were rough while getting used to them. I wish you the absolute best :)

  7. I had DT's. I'm 22 and my doctor told me she never seen anyone my age have DT's, and she was going to do everything to help me. She prescribed valium, and I safely detoxed at home. The hallucinations I was having were absolutely horrifying, and the dreams were just as bad. I felt like I was going crazy and wanted to just die.

  8. First of all: congratulations! You can be so proud of yourself! I wish you all the best!

  9. what got u started on drinking and why did u keep drinking

  10. It was fun to drink at first, and then it wasn't. I kept going because I didn't wanna face my own emotions and deal with them, and my withdrawals would get so bad I felt like I had to drink to be okay.

  11. Congratulations!! I quit 11 weeks ago & had to medically detox due to DT's and it was so scary.

  12. 100%. I was having auditory/visual hallucinations last time & was full of panic & thought I was going to die at any second, that was the worst I think I've ever felt. Medication helped so much, if you're struggling don't be scared to reach out for medical help, it's much safer than cold turkey.

  13. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. In my opinion, it sounds like he's dealing with alcohol issues himself but won't accept it & is projecting it onto you. The whole "I don't deserve to live with an alcoholic" thing he said is just horrible, and to me that's not worth staying in a relationship like that. He needs to understand that a lot of people who have a bad relationship with alcohol can't just have a drink "here and there" (some can, some can't). Whatever is going through his head, I think it might be time to pour those bottles out and have a long conversation about you two drinking. Never forget that if you wanna stop drinking do it for yourself. A healthy mind, body, and good relationships. Him bringing home 30 bottles of wine is absolutely insane & seems like he wants to sabotage your hard work & staying sober. Your feelings are 100% valid and once again I'm so deeply sorry your partner did that to you, that is not okay in the slightest.

  14. I honestly think that he doesn't believe that I can quit

  15. If that's what he thinks then maybe it would be a good idea to leave the relationship & take a break to focus on your sobriety. You don't deserve to be treated like that, and if he thinks bringing home 30 bottles of wine while living with someone with a drinking issue is okay, he is straight up manipulative & likely will keep doing things like this, it may just get worse. Put yourself first, you CAN do this! Reach out to family or friends for help if needed, don't let him keep doing this. Please keep your head up, friend.

  16. "Duck tits bonkers" haha can I use that?? I have so many hobbies.... that I bought while drunk and have never ever opened or used or tried. What a mess. I am feeling so hopeful and determine reading your reply!

  17. Of course lol! And I definitely did the same thing. I believe in it! You totally got this :)

  18. Definitely consult your doctor just to be on the safe side! Withdrawals can be deadly, and DT's can be very scary and can harm you. Obviously I can't give medical advice on the matter, but when I seen my doctor she prescribed benzo's for the withdrawals and it helped so much. It's scary to make the doctors appointment, but it's extremely worth it. I'm wishing you the absolute best!

  19. I'm midway through what need to be my final taper attempt. Fuckin' guys at the liquor store noticed me having trouble sliding my card because my hands were trembling. Awesome right?

  20. It's the absolute worst, I totally understand. I ended up getting help from my doctor and it was the best thing that I could've done honestly. I believe in you, it'll get better!

  21. Riot Fest! I live in Chicago but will unfortunately miss this festival. Which sucks cause I love NIN. They put on a hell of a show

  22. Yess it was fun! However the mcr crowd was miserable. Nin on Sunday tho!

  23. I'm attending a festival this weekend as well! Friday will be my 30 days sober too. Congrats, super proud of you!

  24. 22 is my favorite number and I’m super proud of you

  25. Aww this post warms my heart. You should be so proud of yourself! You have overcome so much and you're just doing great and I wish you all the luck with keeping it going. You are AWESOME!!!

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