1. If they wanted to do a comic based on Arcane I could see them doing a prequel or flashback heavy story showing Vander and Silco's backstory together

  2. I mean it's either draw a line somewhere with Putin or let him and every Russian president have whatever they want for eternity

  3. What's that about Iraq again? Afghanistan - where's that?

  4. What is it about Iraq and Afghanistan again? I"m not sure what you're trying to make. Those wars were wrong, so is this one.

  5. Used to be every year 6+ years ago. Then went to every other year. Now I’m going to maybe every 3 years.

  6. I got an iPhone 8 when it came out and just now it's finally stopped really picking up my voice when not on speaker phone mode, so I figured I'd splurge on a 14 and see if it lasts as long as it did.

  7. Reddit recommends me this sub I guess because I go to the main sub even though I'm banned from posting there.

  8. Main sub? there isn't one. just stick to your home page, change your settings , and bam, no more suggestions. This is how I avoid Vagazzle and Kitten videos.

  9. hm as a female i do like playing pretty enchanters or mages so this is good.

  10. While I hate to delve into stereotypes here, could it be that her outfit on her base skin is just boring? Like sure Kai'sa is attractive but when you compare her overall look to the others in that row (Akali, Vi, Ahri, and Xayah) she's rather boring to look at in her plain purple suit. The other four have very cool outfits and you don't get anything comparable on Kai'sa without buying a skin first.

  11. Why do we care if Russia annexes Ukraine again? Wasnt Kiev capital of Russia at some point? Was it so bad when the Union forced the Confederate states to rejoin the fold?

  12. Where does it fucking end? You think it ends with Ukraine?

  13. One watch through I watched it with my dad. I figured he'd stop after two episodes (we watched about two at a time) but I was surprised how much he liked it.

  14. Are these the jets stationed at Columbia Airport in Columbia, SC right now?

  15. Jinx is by far the easiest champ in PoC but Garen's super satisfying to play. Just non-stop striking, beefing up your own units, and consistent, direct removal. Plus fleetfeather tracker with quick attack which is nuts. Tough or bad RNG is a pain for Jinx, but Garen does not rely at all on RNG which is great.

  16. Lux with the relic that gives you the 6 mana obliterate spell every turn just lets you chain obliterates and final sparks to just mow shit down. I don't know if it's her best relic but it feels great.

  17. Vi's tattoos being self made is in itself the biggest plot hole in Arcane

  18. It's probably just a mistake by the council archives writers. May not have been the writers from the show or realized Vi had full back tattoos in the show.

  19. What Could Have Been I think is probably the overall best, but I think Our Love both the song and the scene are underrated. Our Love is very easy to just listen to, great song.

  20. I can understand why Noxus has no Star Guardian, must be because their inherently evil lol but for Frejlrod maybe Star Guardian Ashe in the future?

  21. Wait, how is Quinn and Rell pals in SG? They should hate each other no? Since one is Demacian other is Noxian.

  22. Their origins don't matter for the SG universe, and if they did Rell is only from Noxus, she's actually not a fan of Noxus

  23. I absolutely love how the Jeb meme has lived on. I'm pretty sure people outside of the US know that meme which considering it's about the guy who basically finished last in a primary is saying something

  24. JEB! is low key the best meme from the 2016 election, it just gets overshadowed by the insanity that surrounds it

  25. For me it’s not Trump that’s important it’s more his supporters all seem to be fucking idiots so there’s no reason to continue arguing with one

  26. Every time Russia seems to have reached rock bottom, they somehow manage to drag the bar a little lower. We are approaching Kola borehole depths.

  27. Maybe they're counting on the first few hundred thousand guys winning the war and then the rest come in to police the country as well as do all the manual labor rebuilding things.

  28. They're just arming their troops the same way they did the last time they won a major war.

  29. For real is this dude going to fight in Ukraine or storm the fucking Reichstag

  30. I think some of the biggest and most interesting changes to her personality won’t involve Vi, but her relationship with Jayce and the enforcers. We know she’s not respected by the other enforcers and we know she’s not interested in benefitting from nepotism. In season 2 she might have to deal with both. She’s probably the last person alive Jayce trusts, she’s going to have to grow in confidence to stand up for herself against other enforcers. If Jayce gives her a position of authority, she’ll be forced to REALLY prove she deserves it.

  31. I've been thinking about this particular gif. It's kinda weird how Jinx has Fishbones strapped over her shoulder when the first time we see it is after Silco's death. Is it possible that the Enemy MV contains some hints about S2? Or is it completely disconnected from the episodes?

  32. I don’t think they’ll get rid of it completely, it’s 1/2 of her most iconic mechanic. It might not be as destructive though, maybe the gem gets burned out.

  33. I'd love to see what her reaction would be, whether she cared or did not give a shit would be majorly telling how far she's fallen.

  34. Listen, i have seen with own 2 eyes what the community has made using only one hand. In game and out of game toxicity doesn't even come to mind when I hear league of legends. What comes to mind is man made horrors beyond my comprehension. There is no salvation for League fans.

  35. My favorite part is in the tweet they did about winning the Emmy they were like "and thank the best fans in the world (yes you)" and I couldn't help but laugh.

  36. For sure he tried. He's too sure of matters in episode 7 to not have tried. The way he talks about her to Vi is so loaded with history and guilt. Ekko is not the type who would just give up on her without at least trying to make her see sense first.

  37. Oh yeah, episode 4 is definitely not the first time they’ve tussled

  38. I believe you need to hit, wound, then they fail their save. The player that controls the unit being target is the one allocating the unsaved wounds

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