I decided to play with fire tonight and posted about all the shitty men who DM me on Facebook… my notifications are going mental!

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  1. Am older, so had a beautician aunt who used to say "you have to suffer for beauty."

  2. My worst was 3 months straight. Went to my GYN that schedule a D&C to finally get it over with. Nurse asked me when the first day of my last period was, I said “3 months ago.” She said, “Explains why you’re here.”

  3. "Smile! You're on Candid Camera!" as he greeted me while I was in the stirrups.

  4. So many things are wrong about it, but even for any patient- esp gyno? Who says that?!

  5. Hate to be trite, but truly, "one day at a time" and "this too shall pass".have been very meaningful for me. Sometimes life boils you down, and it seems impossible to imagine how life will turn out. But eventually, it smooths out, at least for a while. Just hang in there. Find 3 things you are thankful for. Find something positive you can do, even if it's just breathing. Let nature speak to you. Think of the grit of your ancestors. Sit in the uncertainty til the next thing reveals itself.

  6. Someone once told me “the future is just a bunch of todays” and that really stuck with me

  7. Yes. My husband seems to forget that when he smells great, I love it. Eros by Versace.

  8. As a lifelong allergy sufferer, I would say get a good powder/powder foundation to touch up with on the go. Possibly a touch of concealer? If I am correct in understanding you want to replace what honking removes/ reddens..

  9. True, but to relate it to opening doors isn't equal. So I tried to find a corollary--not an exact match.

  10. Try to use whichever light approximates the light you'll be wearing the makeup under.

  11. This absolutely! I do mine with a ring light, but I work on a makeup counter that has a lot of artificial lighting so that’s what people see

  12. Yeah, according to vets, most cats (pets, not strays) are overweight. That can cause issues when they get older and.. wait what's going on?

  13. I've seen an apparition that was highly detailed. I've had some.other more mild experiences. Many of the things in our world go beyond what can be repeated in a lab. Doesn't mean it's not real.

  14. Great job Tubs. Pissing the DoD off is a GREAT way to bring jobs and funding to Alabama.

  15. For me, Deep South is Mississippi to South Carolina, with part of Florida thrown in. Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Texas, and Louisiana added in is more general South, but TX and LA are their own thing entirely.

  16. Back in the day I might or might not have passive aggressively played Black Sabbath's Master of Reality to drown out neighbor noise (on rare occasions). 😂😂😂

  17. I had to get this straight when my friend was raped. She responded to it by having sex with a lot of people and found herself being more comfortable putting herself in positions where she could get raped

  18. And another variant is the (sometimes very young woman) who upon having her "no" not heard, says yes often, to at least have the illusion of control. With luck and therapy, one day she might even realize it.

  19. The witches bottle from that book was the first protective spell I did. It shocked me when it worked cause I still was skeptical even though it all made sense to me. I had a horrible neighbor who was constantly accusing me of anything and always yelling at me or my kids. The day I had to take my kids to court cause he was claiming they were throwing rocks at his car was the last straw. I did the bottle and all the screaming and yelling at me stopped. The neighbor actually came over and apologized claiming his dad died and that’s why his behavior. I didn’t buy it but they moved out like a month later. I do the bottle anytime I need serious protection.

  20. I don't remember much except a notable element or two. I was in high school, a few millennia ago.

  21. My first book I read was Buckland’s. I had a friend who was pagan. At that time I wasn’t but Christianity didn’t feel right either. That book changed my life.

  22. Same! First if I don't count the Frosts' book, which I don't. Intrigued me though.

  23. I doubt we could break their bank, as many don't really know anything about the matter, but principles are principles. ✌️

  24. I have a very large collection. Also tend to be a very visual organizer with (too many) clear acrylic organizers, mostly on my vanity. Other storage means are further away.

  25. Your mom should know you didn't do it. These guys did it to themselves. You go!

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